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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Catch up Tuesday…

We now have Spi-belts, Ryders Eyewear, Bondi Bands and GU in stock and for sale. We even have the popular Vanilla Gingerbread GU… yum. Let me know what you need and we’ll set you up! I will follow up with photos of our stock as well as a price list in the next couple days. We have a Gift pack that contains all of the above and costs $90.00, it’s a really good, ‘all sports’ gift for the athlete in your family.

We  are finally getting summer. I ran a very comfortable 5k barefoot yesterday evening, and will most likely be running the Banff Winterstart 5mile race on Saturday night in my barefeet. I love every step that I can, until I can’t. Then I’ll deal with it.

The new contest is off to a flying start, thanks to Keith. Don’t worry about him, I’m going to make him pick the 5 he really wants to enter, to go in the poll at the end. Feel free to enter this one. It’s a pretty awesome prize, a one of a kind art print!

Past Virtual Race Cool Kid Prize winners, have you received your prizes yet? Let me know that your stuff got there ok, ok?.

Now the BIG news. My Running Losers Challenge. I am doing great. I lost 6 lbs last week. Partly to do with my food poisoning, but mostly to do with:

All the Cool Kids are losers!

  • the fact I counted my calories all week, and I’ll tell you. that REALLY works. I use an app called LoseIt, and if I am in a restaurant, I can go into the app and look at the calories of stuff on the menu, and make my decisions that way… S-M-R-T, Smart!
  • The fact that I did a couple extra workouts that I wouldn’t have done, had I not been in a challenge.
  • The fact that that I give a shit.
  • The fact that it was the first week of watching what I was eating, and the first week is usually good for a nice initial loss.

The results of this good week include: I took in a belt notch to hold up my jeans. I feel better. Not bloated. *wOoT*, in the spirit of full disclosure, I ate too much Halloween candy. 5 reese’s peanut butter cups. yum. I don’t regret it. shut up.

My week ahead looks like:

  • Tough, TOUGH work week. Things are not rosy at the ranch, but we are fighting and working to achieve what we need to achieve.
  • We are heading out to Canmore for the weekend, as the run is in Banff on Saturday Night. It is my Dad’s B-day celebration too and there is a lot of eating opportunities planned. I will make good choices at the buffet table.
  • I will Run one more day this week, Thursday most likely, and will run an easy 10k.

I am 234lbs. I will be 232 next week at this time.

  • Barefoot mileage since June 29th : 235.1km
  • VFF mileage since July 7th : 78.7km (12 on trails)
  • Shoe mileage since SOBF (start of barefoot): 5km (25:30 5k race PR on July 1st)
  • For the Contest (part 2), here are a couple new photos too choose from, should you be the winner.

    DSC01853  IMG_5323


    1. Dude, OK I am now officially a fan of your work. I really like the POV of everything I've seen plus the color is always amazing...

    2. I totally got my race cuff! Thank you! It is scheduled to be in a post coming soon. My husband eyed it right when it got here and then suddenly I can't find it. He is in Sacramento right now and I'm pretty sure he stole it!!!!! I will be checking the suitcase when he gets back, bloody thief :) All your pictures are awesome. Congrats on the weightloss.

    3. Vanilla Gingerbread GU? What the? How much? I need that stuff.

      And your photos are amazing as usual...

    4. Shouldn't that be Barefoot Kilometage and VFF Kilometage?

    5. I got the SpiBelt, which I love.

      Sometimes? It's the only thing I wear to bed. Bouncy-bouncy.

    6. I've lost a whole lot of nothing. I'm chalking it up to the running ban which will be officially over on Thursday!

    7. I got my bondi band in the mail on Monday!! Thanks, can't wait to try it out

    8. You're such a loser. 6 lbs is fantastic. Nice job.