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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Thanks BondiBand!

For making tomorrows run possible! You guys rock. I never run without my B0ndiBands anymore. The best thing I can say about them is: Once I put it on, I forget about it.

It doesn’t shift, pull, pinch or itch. What it DOES do, is keep the sweat out of my eyes, and my ears warm when necessary. I have at least 5 in my running bag at all times, as the slogans and designs fit whatever mood I am in for the day, and I can never decide prior to race morning. For what it is worth, my BondiBands are the item in my running kit that I worry about the least!

DSCF2266 nz DSCF2512

I always worry that the Chinese Letters mean “I Love Goats a lot” or something like that. How would I know?DSCF2637

DSCF2459 IMG_3573

The boy digs’em too! When he puts his on, it’s game on for sure!


AND, I thought this would be cool. The red line is a rough approximation of the race route! This photo shows about 9 of the 10.55k out and back route. Kinda gives you a better Idea of our terrain and scenery for this race! I took this shot this afternoon after picking up my race pack. Here is the top down view from the race page.


These images from Google Street View are a good typical cross section of the city pathways we will be running on.


There are a couple sections like this, where there is some construction gravel… but for the most part it is smooth-ish asphalt. The first and last 5k are part of the Gorilla Run that isn’t in the Zoo.

image image image

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My Next Contest is for Mustard Bath!! Yep! From a company called Barefoot Venus! Uh-huh! Bet you can’t wait to hear the details about my bath!

Winter is just around the corner and I Can’t wait to go camping again… Looks nice doesn’t it?IMG_1309


  1. Neil! Those head band are bad a@@. The Kid is gonna be a BAMFO at his local Canadian elementary school.

  2. I too am a Bondi Band Freak, I mean Fan! They are the only ones that fit my head and stay on!!

  3. Sorry about this comment but your boy is cuter in his Bondi Band than you.

  4. I agree with Char, your kid is super cute in the bondi band but never fear we know he got his style skills from the big guy.

  5. What-the... Actually, I KNOW he is cuter than me... At everything ever. I will profit from his awesome looks one day! JK... My very large head understands your comments.

  6. Do you wear hats a lot? I don't so I'm not sure if I'd like these or not.