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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Couple day break…

… will you miss me? It is crunch time for the Company and it needs my full attention for the next few days. I will be taking my first break from daily blogging since July 1st. 

Here is the link to our company’s first ever newsletter. If you are Calgary Local and reading this, give us a call to set up a consultation for your winter construction project, and/or your 2011 outdoor landscaping project.

In the meantime, please go over and sign up for the Art Print Contest… it’s a good one. Here is a new example of one of the photos you can win and have made into a 13x19 canvas art print, courtesy of Chris over at BQorDie


Also, since it is the week prior to my final half marathon of the year, I thought I would share one of my favourite posts that I wrote before the Hypothermic Half last January regarding race planning and goal setting… Enjoy! As a bonus, here is the race report from that race day too… including all the gory details about energy balls.

If you are reading this and don’t follow me over on the left, go ahead and follow me, I like you!  You can also keep up to date with my antics at Barefoot Neil Z on Facebook. And on top of that all, I am actually having a ball at my Twitter Account Wall (am I a poet?) @NeilZee.  I am loving @ConanObrien… what a-hoot that guy is…


Take care, seeya’ll in a few days.  Leave me some questions for the next edition of Reader Mail. What do you really want to know about Me, Barefooting, Calgary, Canada, GU, Pugs, 3 year olds, Photography, Landscaping, Yellow snow and anything else you might want to ask?


  1. Tell us more about your beautiful, funny, creative wife...she sounds awesome!

  2. Oh yea, we want to hear about that beautiful child of yours too...:)

  3. yes, you will be missed! fo sho!

    What was your favorite cartoon growing up?

  4. Yes, will miss you like I would miss my morning coffee. (Well, maybe not that much :-))

  5. Yes. I want more family dirt.

    Still loving that photo of your wife. So awesome.

    Enjoy your break from US! okay, ME!! ;)

  6. My heart may have just broke a little....but then I went and read some Conan and I'm okay now.

    What's your dream race?

    Good luck at work!

  7. You will be missed, but I would also like to thank you. Now I can get caught up on some of the other blogs out there. Have a great break!