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Monday, September 24, 2012

Rock the House Run, Sept 23-12

Rock the House Run Results are here. This race benefits the Southern Alberta Ronald McDonald House.

I talked the race into having barefoot/minimalist divisions. 8 people signed up total in the 5k and 10k. What really amazed me, was a guy in the BF division won the 10k outright in 38:xx! Woot!

Here are my Flicker Photos from the race.

I was too sick to race, so I went to just be generally friendly and to shoot the event from my angles. It was a really good race overall with records in attendance and pledges all broken!


Thursday, September 20, 2012

iRun Blog update (Blog Idol 2.0)

Hey coach! I ‘splain myself over at the other blog. The iRun Magazine blog.

Check it out here. A visit is a vote! You don’t even have to read it.

Click here!

ok.. i’ll wait while you do that.








Everyone else too. Go have  read. Catch up on me. It’s all about me.

And here is a photo I took 2 nights ago. You like it?


Monday, September 10, 2012

Splitting time…

yeesh! I’ve added another thing to my online things…

I was invited to take part in iRun magazine’s Blog Idol 2.0 contest. The prize is some stuff and a writing gig with the magazine.

It started tonight and I have posted my first blog. This will be a little introspective to begin with as I tell my story, kind of from the beginning. So if you are relatively new to me, follow along and soon you’ll know all about stuff you probably didn’t want to know me.

Here it is!

If you have any questions from the iRun blog posts, let me know on there, as it probably looks better if I get tons of q’s and comments…


If i had to pick a photo that represents my online existence right now, it might look like this one I shot last night.

soooo much fun though.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

SO happy…

I asked for your referrals of me and I couldn’t be more humbled and happy.
  • Keith September 8, 2012 4:17 PM
    Neil has the happy knack of making connections with other people. For instance, he and I met through a guy that lives in New Jersey. As soon as he realized we lived not far apart, he invited me out for coffee. Through him I've met one person that is genuinely famous, Martin Parnell. He got me started on taking photos and manipulating them with software. What's important to remember is that the software can't add what isn't there. In other words, a poor photo before manipulation is likely to still be a poor photo after manipulation. Many of Neil's photos are "WOW!" quality after manipulation (enough but not too much) but they were good photos before the manipulation. He has a good eye.

  • Adam Ricklefs September 8, 2012 8:32 PM
    If there is one thing that is very apparent as soon as you get to know Neil, it is that is is a very passionate man. Whether his family, his travel and photographs, or his barefoot running, Neil exudes a kind of childhood enthusiasm that is infectious. Always one to lend an ear or share a thoughtful point of view or breathtaking photograph via his blog or twitter feed, Neil's passions are quick to spread but long remain memorable.

  • Gene SoboleskiSeptember 8, 2012 8:43 PM
    Neil always seems to be in the right place at the right time. His joie de vivre carries through in all that he does. Neil has a knack for being in the right place a the right time, and I enjoy reading his adventures, either about his running, his family, and his photography. Coming from New England, I especially enjoy seeing his works that showcase the great, vast lands of Canada. His images capture the beauty and grandeur very well. I look forward to seeing more of his photos!

  • Dawn - Pink ChickSeptember 8, 2012 8:49 PM
    Neil who? Oh the Barefoot guy. I met Neil through running. He seems to be everywhere I go, wait don't they call that stalking?!? Just kidding Neil and I are both runners and passionate about the sport. We are always running into to each other cause well that's what runners do. He's a real go getter and seems to be everywhere which heh, if you want a roving report someone who is everywhere makes sense.
    I am often envious of his amazing photos. He has a real eye for turning an every day shot into something awesome.

  • darkhorse3010September 8, 2012 9:43 PM
    Mild mannered Neil Z., office jockey by day transforms into Super Web Z in his free time. A family man at heart he is always out and about exploring with them. He is continually documenting everything in sight with his trusty camera and some form of web access always by his side. Master of the internet he maintains more diversified blogs of subject matter than I can keep track of at times, but he can keep the barefoot thing all to himself (rocks hurt…). At times I feel sorry for his camera; its shutter life must be nearing its end. Wherever the need, Super Web Z is there!

  • Elle September 8, 2012 10:06 PM
    Neil has such an incredible way of looking at, and photographing, the world around him. I found Neil's blog because he was a runner, but I have kept reading, and follow him on Twitter, because he has a wonderful way of sharing his passion for his family and his adventures through pictures. I have visited many of the places that Neil photographs and shares, and always enjoy seeing those places through his eyes and camera lens.

  • BarefootJosh September 9, 2012 5:17 AM
    Neil is an adventurer who throws himself into every new environment feet first like a kid flying from a swinging rope into a lazy river. He's a collector of experience in fascinating locales, and we are fortunate that through pictures and prose he takes us along the journey. I hope to enjoy the grandeur of Jasper's night sky as presented with his sense of wonder and exuberance!

  • Darren Krause September 9, 2012 7:07 AM
    Neil. What is it about Neil that makes him so darn special? He's a connector; he connects his own world and the world around him to others. Simple case was his invitation for me to play golf with him - having never met in person before - after only ever having chatted on Twitter. I have little doubt he'll continue to use this gift of sharing and relating the world around him to others, whether it's his next road race or photography excursion, or when he gets the chance to open the world's eyes to the dark skies of Jasper. Choose him.

  • Pb September 9, 2012 2:54 PM
    First time I saw Neil he was sprinting barefoot to the finish line of a 5k race, on a cold rainy day.
    Inspiring that is Neil. Over the years I have seen Neil deal with adversity and remain a positive yet real blogger. From his running to his family values to his stunning photography he manages to show his passion to the world in humble and enthralling style. Highly recommend "Because all the cool kids are doing it"
    Keep up the great work Neil.

  • Tricia September 9, 2012 8:30 PM
    Neil's passion for travel, photography and his family is infectious. After logging on to Facebook and viewing his pictures I often find myself daydreaming about places to vacation. He has a way with words and a camera that make me want to visit where he has been. Outside of his obvious photography skills he is proficient in social media and has been a great source of information when I have questions about various social media platforms.

  • Emz September 9, 2012 9:38 PM
    Neil. Freaking. Rocks.
    His passion for life - comes through in his amazing photography & writing. I will own a Neil Z photo in my home one day. Until then......I stalk him like crazy on Facebook, blogger & [my personal favorite] Instagram.
    Incredible. Incredible. Incredible.

    Jeff Gallup September 10, 2012 8:10 AM
    I can't think of a better selection for a Social Media representative for Jasper Dark Sky. Neil has an amazing knack for not only capturing truly amazing photographs, but he always supplements those with a terrific narrative that can bring the reader directly to that place and time to experience his journey with him. Neil is simply the best! 

  •   Rick Charlton - Millaville Half Marathon
    The first time I ever saw Neil, he was running towards me, barefoot on gravel, at the tail-end of a half marathon race I had organized. First impressions are always important and the first words I thought of were zany (the polite, substitute word for "crazy"), fun and willing to plow through all obstacles. Barefoot Neil is a blogging legend in the running community and we were very happy to have him on our side helping spread awareness of our non-profit event.

  •  Larry Mathieson September 10, 2012 10:17 AMWe are thrilled to have Neil working as an advisor to our Ronald McDonald House- Rock the House Run committee. He has excited and inspired the organizing committee to have our first ever Barefoot division in our race. It also doesn't hurt to have someone involved with the committee and event who knows as much about social media as Neil does.

  • Sharyn Sadauskas Ocenside Tourism September 10, 2012 10:17 AM
    What a pleasure to have Neil Zeller visiting Parksville and Qualicum Beach! I've really enjoyed seeing his photographic talents showcasing our attractions. A picture can rarely fully capture the tumble of a waterfall or the expanse of the beach but Neil's photos do an amazing job of bringing out the beauty of our region. From Little Qualicum Falls to Rathtrevor Beach, it was fun to follow Neil and his family as they enjoyed their holiday here! I return to his blog frequently to have another look and notice something new every time I do.
  • TinaFab September 10, 2012 7:50 PM 
    I met Neil through Twitter. Odd. I know. One day after a half marathon I hear this guy yelling Hey Crantina!!! And thus...we meet! It's neat how that happens. One day I was following a stranger, reading his blog. Having a bit of witty repartee on a social media site, the next meeting his wife and son! Now its funny i see him everywhere. Shopping, at runs, out and about. His photos really are fab. I really should try to take more pics. But he sees the world thru a different lens. Pure Awesome. That's Neil!

You. all. humble. me.
I took this on Sunday eve… I like the light so I zipped down…
Thank you.
Psst, Jasper…

Saturday, September 8, 2012

I need book style references… Can you help?

Hey! I want you!

Can you comment below, with a ‘Book’ style reference, for me, about me? One that I can edit and re-publish on the blog?

Like this:

Neil and his social media prowess is taking over the world, I hang on his every blog/twitter/Facebook/instagram/Flickr post and can’t wait for the next chapter in his amazing life is a fun read sometimes. And I like his snapshots. Jasper should certainly consider him in the mix for maybe/ possibly being the Dark Sky SoMe dude. He won’t fall asleep much either.



Friday, September 7, 2012

My Youtubery. (Jasper–Pick me!)

So, you want to know if I am Youtube literate?



Why, yes I am YouTubal! 1, 436, 169 views on the ol’ mans channel.

Mainly because of these 2 vids.

Yep. 2 videos, 2 years, same subject… Virality at it’s finest. Can’t wait for this year. I am thinking a behind the scenes expose. You know why I am thinking that? Because I gots connections… Oh social media, you are the best!


I’m not in it for the money, obviously, but it seems like the fame is coming..! sort of.

I like my work on YouTube, if only for the reason that someone else might enjoy it. Take my stalking of Martin Parnell. He is the guy who in 2010, ran 250 marathons. I stalked him almost the entire year. Enough that I was asked by the mothership charity to submit my videos and photos so they could do a tribute for him.

All the motion vid in this montage is mine… haha! Stalker! RUN away! oh wait. he tried… LOL

I did an interview with Martin on the run as well. With 10kms left in his epic quest, I caught up to him.

Fun hey? oh, btw, it was –25c during that interview. I am immune to the elements.

So what else? Um, I interviewed my own son during a trail run last year… The interview starts at the 1:00 mark. It’s a good one. This kid is pretty cool even of I say so myself.

I have nabbed some drunken bloopers!

Like I said, immune to the elements.

And Internet. Did you know I was a barefoot runner?! I am, and I’m not the only one…

That’s probably good for now… except I do have one special one that i kindof like. I was Mr Plow in a past life… check it out!

So. As you can see, I am fully Youtuberal! Pick me Jasper!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Dark Sky voter print winner!

Congrats to Jeff Gallup for winning the 16x20 canvas. Now you have the difficult task of choosing the photo.

Check around my Flickr site for ideas. Also, this blog has hundreds of photos as well

But wait! As a bonus I drew 2 more prizes!

Julia C and Hayley T. have won an 8x8 canvas of their choice. You can check the Flickr site as well for photo ideas, but you may find something suitable in my Instagram account as well. My name on there is Nzeller_evs. The 8x8 size would work well from my extensive instagram library.

Congrats! I can't wait to see what you pick.

Thanks to everyone else who voted! We'll know next week If I have been chosen as the Dark Sky Correspondent. You all rock!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Dark Sky–I freaking love it. (Pick me Jasper!)

I was sitting on the sofa last night and just prior to going to bed I checked Twitter one more time.


I rush out into the yard and I see them! They were a pretty faint in the city lights, but they were there. I got my camera. (really, are you surprised?) I have learned enough about my camera in the past year that I was able to quickly set the manual functions to what I thought would capture the Auroras.

First shot.


It was the best one I got as they faded away shortly afterwards. It’s been a long time since I have seen them.

I have other sky shots too. I tend to live my life with 4x6 ratio glasses, pointed up at all times.






IMG_1532IMG_1818IMG_1871crIMG_2392crIMG_2457IMG_3223IMG_3542crIMG_3683IMG_4023IMG_4585IMG_4603IMG_4637IMG_5059IMG_5264 (2)IMG_5271IMG_5851IMG_6135IMG_6203 (2)IMG_8389IMG_8456IMG_8614

So. The moon, the sun, the stars, clouds, storms… etc. etc… I am a fan.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

I am not a professional! (Jasper Dark Sky, pick me)

But I am passionate about what I know, what I like and what I do.

That said, I am old enough that I know that I don’t know everything. Or much of anything for that matter. I’d much rather sit and listen to you tell me about new and amazing things. For the most part. I am afterall still human and like to be heard. Once in a while though, I’ll find myself with conversational regret. That I realize I was the that guy yammering and interrupting. So then I’ll get real quiet for a while and sit and stew on what a terrible conversationalist I am, therefore making me a bad listener.

Cripes. That’s not how I wanted to start this post.

“I am 38 years old, I am a talk a holic.”

me at my ONandONanon meetings.

So I take to social media. Here I can yammer on when I want. Listen when I want. Choose who means what to me, when I want.

That’s the best part. Like minds meeting. I have friends on here that may not be my friends in real life due to a wide variety of factors, probably silly factors, but because of this place (we are still talking about the internet, right?) and our common interests, we may overlook differing factors because we are so well suited in a specific part of life.

Like my buddy Lorne. He is a clean living fella, with a dedication to his family and his fitness. I am dedicated to my family. See? we have that in common. He forgives me for my ‘loose’ language at times, and I forgive him for telling me I have a foul mouth. We have ran together, we have similar senses of humor, and facebook is our meeting ground. Would we ever have them over for a Barbeque? Yep! Would love to. Even with our colorful language barrier, we still can play together. (and the fact that we are kind of self guided believers and they are a little more structured, we  tend to spend our Sundays differently is all, really)

Yeee… this is really getting off track.

I wanted to talk about Stars!

Ok. Did you hear about Alec Baldwin's latest public rant?

So I squeaked into the top 5 of the Jasper Dark Sky Correspondent contest. I submitted a starry night photo and a little bit about myself, and then let you all know what I was doing. And then you voted! Thanks to you I outlasted all but 4 of my competitors. However, now the award is in the hands of the Judges. My competition is really strong. They are all very web savvy folks with lots of travel and online experience, far exceeding my abilities on this here web, no matter how much I post and engage. They just do it as a fact of life, as a big extension of their life. Online-ism is a big part of my life too, but I tend to go out and DO life first, then report on it. I am ok if I do something and never post about it, as time gets in the way, as I want my online journals to have some quality to them.

I shoot photos. Photography is a big part of my life. It is my hobby, it’s something I wish I could afford to do for a living. I know I could focus on it and become a pro, but I am happy right now making my living at 9-5 and living my life after hours. I‘m not sure how much being a pro would change my love for photography, and that actually keeps me from diving in. What if it becomes tedious. That might just be the end of me. So I am letting my progression and learning come naturally and see what comes from it.

I spend time with my Family. I should move this paragraph up as it is the one thing I value over everything. Our adventures are many, and many of them don’t make the pages of this blog, or on Facebook, or anywhere, because if I was always writing, tweeting and texting about it, I wouldn’t be doing it.

I run. It’s true. I am an overweight runner, with an eye to being a just right weight runner. I talk a lot about my running, only because so many on here are interested and inspiring. My whole online existence came from writing about running and I owe all the good thing that have come from ‘writing about running’ to the people who follow and comment and inspire me!

I work. I have pretty specialized skills that only about 45 people in Calgary have. It’s selling contract office furnishings. When you add in the fact I am on full commission, it brings our numbers down to about 10 total. I think it actually makes me officially a crazy person. Because sane people don’t put up with the stuff I put up with. The skill is that I have empathy, incredibly broad shoulders and an iron cast stomach. That’s all. And the ability to tell people that they are wrong, and convince them that it’s true.

So. All of the above, along with an ability to use all the tools of social media-ism, should make me a pretty well rounded choice for the nice people in Jasper. Also, I have a 5 year old who will tell you all about it all! My competition doesn’t have that and my little reporter comes with the package. for free.

So. Jasper. pick me, ok? I will do very good for you.


ps. you won’t find one swear word in most of my blog posts.

I will leave you with a picture i took of a nice place where we were yesterday.