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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Andrew is a freakishly good trail runner…

So, what got me back on the trails recently, is that I am wear testing some trail running shoes for a magazine. I’m not sure why, but I invited my son out for one for the runs on Monday, and he did amazing. Yesterday we went out again and I got a video of him.

We did 2km of trails. I let him lead the way and he just motors along. pushes hard up the hills, careful steps down the slopes and quick and smooth on the bendy flats. There are a few precipitous slopes along the trails and he is very aware and cautious to not make a mis-step.

This kid just gets it. And he’s teaching me a thing or two about it too! He is 4, by the way…

Monday, September 12, 2011

I don’t even know where to start…

Too many crazy good pictures…

To all my running friends. I’ll be running again soon. My Sweet wife and my incredible boy have been my priority for the past few months, along with getting my career back on track after the failure of our landscape company. So we have been spending time in places like this. Enjoy the photos, take any you want for personal use, let me know you did.


The generator room at the top is the size of a house! Look at the full size man door at the base… These turbines are HUGE!


#Calgary #WorldRecord Attempt Netball #Volunteers Needed!

Remember the guy who ran 250 Marathon runs last year? Yeah, Martin. That’s right. He raised over $285,000.00 in that time too!

Well, he needs a hand. Can you give him 4 hours anytime this weekend? To qualify for the World Record (61hours) they have to follow some pretty stringent rules. One of them is that they need witnesses to document players that come on and off the court.

Just think, you can sit with a pen and paper, a tasty coffee and be able to watch a group of really cool and fun people playing a game I have never really heard of! Fun!


Ok, so there is a signup sheet, but being it covers 3 days, I will let you know right now that the times they need help are in the middle of the night and early mornings and they are 4 hours slots. Please contact Martin directly of you can help at 

Here is the Netball Alberta Website Record Attempt info.
Here is my blog link to Martin’s 250th run last year!

So, please help him out, have a little fun at it, and be a part of something really cool!

Here are the intrepid record attempters!

ZMQZ 253 Practice the teams

Monday, September 5, 2011

Wordless Long Weekend…

As always, if you like a picture, feel free to click it then right click to save. I always have a hard time setting my work desktop background. Let me know which ones you like!