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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Holiday thoughts…

It’s the holidays... time to pack on some winter weight!... Right? Well... don’t we need the extra fuel for the extra miles we are doing? Yeah thats it, we should eat LOTS of candies and tasty fudge! That’ll get us up those hills faster! Wheeee!

Erm... maybe down the hill faster...

As an FYI, when you run, you burn about 100 calories per km. That is 2 slices of yummy pizza for every 14km run you do this holiday... ... ... yikes.

Ok, now to my point, er not yet, point below, now advice.

1. Eat before you go out to eat. *huh?*

Trust me, it works. Have a bowl of cereal before your next holiday dinner and just see how much less you eat at the event... I used to do that when I was large and going out to business lunches so I wouldn’t look like a hogatha at the table in front of my clients.

2. Now this one is very powerful, and may bring you to reminisce about how you may have offended a family member in the past by not having the 3rd plateful.

“ Social events are not food events”

Let that sink in, I can wait.... ....  .....    .... ..   ....   ...

This may conjour up some pretty powerful things in your head, maybe even an internal conflict or two while you mull it over. I would like your thoughts on that if it stirred up some emotions or maybe even some funny stories.

I only bring this stuff up, in this running related email, (I will post this note on the blog as well) as the food you eat this holiday, can have a very negative impact on your successes in running. Have fun, eat tasty stuff, imbibe a bit even, but just know that you make the choice to either get though the holiday with no adverse effects on your amazing levels of fitness, OR you eat like mad, enjoy every minute of the eating like mad, AND come back to running a bit slower or out of shape. Your choice.

My point after all that...

Whatever way you choose to celebrate “DON’T FREAKING WORRY ABOUT IT!” we are here. Running is here after the holidays. Do NOT get depressed if you lose a step, it will come back! We just want you to come back. Running is here all year. Don’t get down on yourself, don’t give up. Make the choice to be cheerful, NOT MATTER your frame of body. (your frame of mind never changes, you are cheerful) RIGHT!?!! right.

We’re not building rockets here...

Monday, December 14, 2009

We have a famous motivationalist in our group…

Did anyone know that Tracy from our group had her inspirational story published in the RR mag! Congrats to you Tracy! Its an honor to run with you! AND did you know she plays in a Rock and Roll Band?  How many others in our group have cool life stories? I would love to hear them, and it would be great to be able to post them here! Watch this blog in the next few days, I will post my first half marathon story for you all to read.

That beer looks really good thou… LOL


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I wiped out…

… in the parking lot at the Mac’s in Cranston after our run tonight. I stepped out of the Truck and *Wheee* I ended up flat on my @$$ halfway under the truck.

I ran all last winter without spikes for my shoes and never even came close to falling. I did see quite a few diggers and even a triple lindy performed by others, but I never fell.

Today proves it can happen anywhere at anytime. I had already bought my grippers a few weeks ago and I actually ran with them tonight. They work great, I hardly know they are there and if I don’t fall this winter, I will give credit to the grippers because it’s probably only a matter of time if I don’t wear them.

That’s all - Run Safe!