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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Just so you know…

… I am ok.

I have not been running. Something has happened to my knees that is freaking me out.


I have been hired as a photographer a number of times in the past few weeks. For real, for real money! It’s been great. I sold a photo to a video production for a 1 year license, another one to Tourism Calgary for a 3 year term. I also got a surprise paypal payment for the single photo I have listed at Getty Images.

The best was last weekend. I got a comment on my Instagram account requesting my email address, as they need a photog for the night.

Cool! What was it?! It was a very high end fashion show! Oh shit. I’ve never shot a high end fashion show. Well turns out you can use your google machine to find out how to do anything. It helps that I understand the business end of my camera so well, as the settings were quite familiar to me, and all went really well. I did have to race around and buy a couple new pieces of equipment to competently do the job, but that went ok, I got everything and within 5 hours of getting the comment I was shooting at the event.

I was really really nervous. Like stomach churning. My boss put me at ease when she told me that she thought of me for the job because she liked my shooting style. So I hunkered in for the evening, met some amazing people and fired hundreds of photos. I was tasked with a shot list, which I succeeded in completing, so that part was great.

Once I got home from this amazing evening, it was time to check on the results. Well, the photos actually much better than I expected, so I was pretty pleased with myself. Within a couple hours I was done editing and I sent off the low res shots. The next day I got some good feedback and that was pretty much it. My first paid event shoot was done and it really, under the circumstances, couldn’t have gone better.

I have also been honing my landscape shots as well… Here are some of the results of the past few weeks of awesome, and pretty much life changing photography by me!

Check my Photography Fecebook page, give me a follow to see more like this. There is website in the works and I have my very first art show on Nov 9th! Exciting hey?