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Monday, March 28, 2011

How to use MS Live Writer to Author and publish your blog…

I still cringe a little when I hear people using Bloggers editors. Blogger makes it simple to get a blog, but not easy to author and publish. MS Live Writer is the simplest and EASIEST way to publish great blogs in less time, all offline! You just click ‘Publish’ when you are done writing and formatting.

Here is how to get Live Writer.

Click here, then click the download button on your screen (sorry Mac users, this is not for you… you have to keep struggling with the Blogger Editor)

You will see this warning. Click on RUN

After the quick download, you will see this warning. Click RUN

Any permission requests that come up, just click continue.

DO NOT INSTALL ALL THE LIVE ESSENTIALS. Click on the second option. Choose the programs you want to install.

I already have this program installed, so it does not give me a check box, but YOU will want to check ONLY the WRITER check box. (I also use their movie maker, it is as simple and fun as they come)

Click install and allow all security warnings that come up.

You now have MS Live Writer on your computer. If you have multiple computers that you author your blog from, make sure you install this program on all of them so you can use Writer where ever you are.

Now, Setup. Open the program.

On the home screen you see a Publish button, just to the right is an Add account button. Click it. I have a bunch of blogs in there already, you will have only the add blog account. Click on Add blog account.


Pick your blog service then click next.

Fill in your exact blog address, your blog username and password. This is the username and password you use to access blogger. Click on ‘remember my Password, the click next.


You might get this if you have more than 1 blog on your account. Choose the blog you are wanting to set up, then click next.

Click yes to post a temporary blog, so that Writer can detect your theme. It makes it very easy to author and format if you are writing right on your template. See below.

You’ll go through a bunch of this… just wait till it’s done.

Then you’ll have this window. Just click finish and you will Bingo, you’ll have your blog template in front of you, along with some tools above to use.

Here is what you’ll see (well, at least Penny will see)


Ok. So type like normal. Insert pics where I noted. Once your picture is in the post you can resize by grabbing the corners, or if you double click on the picture, the editing tool bar above will change to the pic editing tool bar. You can crop, resize, recolor, sharpen…. etc… play with it, there is nothing you can hurt.


Highlight what you want to link.

Go out of Writer and go to the page you want to link to and copy the address.


Then come back to writer, and right click on the highlighted text, then click hyperlink.

you will now see this screen and since you copied the address that you want to link to, writer has automatically populated the address! Also, if you want this test to ALWAYS be linked to this website, then click the Automatically link to this text button. Every time you type that text in the future, it will provide the link! (You can turn off the link by right clicking and telling it to stop)

Well, that should get you started. I hear so many complaints about blogger, but now you have an awesome way to post, offline, with a stable platform, that is very quick (especially since you can bring in multiple photos at once with very little effort! )

Have FUN!  (now I'll go delete Penny’s stuff off my computer)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Untitled blog about almost nothing.

First. Here is the link to the ‘Inspiring Stories’ section of Impact Magazine. My story. I appreciated the article a lot, it paints a true picture, but the story really has nothing to do with barefooting, only giving a short mention of it. Ah well. It was going to be a barefooting- getting healthy story, but a casual mention in my first interview about how Andrew was the precursor to our desire to get fit(er), and I got a call back a week later to do a re-write with the family as the center piece of the article. Editor Chris said that if he knew about Barefoot Andrew (his words) earlier he would have had me bring him in for the photoshoot too. I have always said that I am WAY more interesting with my family than without, and now it’s been proven.

Second. Traci and I had a date. We went coffee cupping, snow plowing and then out for breakfast at Humpty's. (Settle down mercans, it’s a restaurant like Dennys)

The Coffee cupping was a blast. I never knew there was so much that goes into coffee blends, coffee growing, coffee buying, etc etc. Thelma from the Good Earth Cafe invited us a couple weeks ago, so Thanks to Thelma. there were 3 other couples and they had a section of the Cafe set up for us. We felt special!


Thelma wore my race shirt from my very first barefoot race, that she sponsored. Thanks again!

Traci gets anxiety before going to any event, but then always has a good time. this event was no different. even though she ended up a little over caffinated… hehe.

I could ‘splain the rules of Coffee Cupping, but they had this for us so…

So our host and coffee teacher Christie went through a ton of coffee information that I’ll never do justice to try and re-tell, but just know that Good Earth Coffee Cafes are doing right by their growers, their franchisees and their customers. They are a great story and I am proud to be a supporter.

I picked the medium, Traci picked the light.

We left there and went snowplowing. No that is not a code word for anything. We actually went snowplowing. I had promised a guy who’s wife just gave birth, that I would plow a parking lot for him. So Traci got to come see how glamorous my winter job really is. She was glad when we were done and we were only out there for 20 minutes. Try 10 hours… yuck.

By then it was 10:30 and we ended up at Humpty’s. Breakfast for late night supper. good conversations, tasty french toast.

Third. I haven’t ran one step in 2 weeks.

Fourth. The Virtual Marathon is shaping up nicely. Hey Chris K! You interested in donating a couple of 19x13 art prints again as prizes?

We have 38 entries so far! Awesome. Spread the word! Maybe Merrell will want to donate a prize too!

OH! Also, if you are local here in Calgary, we are going to make an event of it. Aid Stations and everything. The route is a pretty awesome one if I do say so myself. And if you don’t want to run the whole 42.2k that day, we will have out and back routes for 21.1, 10 and 5k, so feel free to sign up, get your pre- mileage in prior to May 1st then finish it off on race day.

Fifth. It’s finally spring here in Calgary. I did a little tidy up around the garden shed to get ready to plant out our annuals.
Spring shed

Was able to get at the long overdue Deck De-icing
spring deck deicing

And did a darn nice job of edging the pathway from the house.
Spring yard

So… In Merca, you guys have Punxsutawney Phil from… um, where is Punxsutawney Phil from anyway? Anyway. We have Bobby Bananas. When the bananas finally thaw out then it’s spring here in Calgary. We are happy to see the tip starting to unthaw, only 2-3 more months of winter. *WoOt*
Spring bananas

Oh, this is what the yard looks like when the snow finally does melt.

Stupid Effing winter.

Oh well. We have WeList coming over to get started on the listing of our house. They are going to do a comparative market analysis for us, then we can price it, sell it, buy another one, then move. Can’t wait till this process is over…

Friday, March 25, 2011

My Friend Allyson is Running this Awesome Half and Marathon Clinic!

If you are in or around Calgary and are interested in this incredible opportunity, please contact Ally with any questions. If you can’t make it, please pass this on to the ladies in your life that you care about. This is worth it!

Ally’s company Choose Energy is looking for Calgary women to come train and be healthy, with a goal of the prestigous Nike Womens Half and Full Marathon on Oct 16th, 2011.

The Deets.

California Dreaming 

* Every wanted to run a HALF OR FULL MARATHON ???

* How about the hardest marathon to get into?

* Want to do it with a group and the highest Energy possible?

* Are you a Women?

Join Choose Energy at the

Nike’s SAN FRANSISCO’S Women’s Half and Full Marathon Oct. 16, 2011


Calling all ladies are you ready to get fit, be healthy, cross a finish line of a lifetime and get a little bling along the way.

The Goal a ½ or full marathon, the city San Francisco, the bling a Tiffany necklace as your medal

Whether it’s your first and a dream goal, veteran racer, or run for fun, then this is the great run for you. The Nike Women’s Marathon & Half Marathon in San Francisco, California is one event you just will want to train for!  Run through the famous streets of San Francisco as a celebration of healthy lifestyle.

The 2011 event is being held on Sunday, October 16th, and Choose Energy is putting a team to­gether to register.  Registration  for this race is like many through lottery. No gaurentees at point of  registration but entering as a group does up the odds in the April lottery.   The team can be a combination of both half and full marathon registrants, so running goals of either distance are invited to join. Maxium 15 participants

Choose Energy is pleased to offer you a comprehensive package to support your success:

Group Registration: $40 ( which will include a clothing option)Choose Energy’s group ID registration, a 15-20 week running program, nutrition tips, 5 part seminar series, and a starter goodie bag.

Plus:   a team to train and race with.

Maximum 15 participants

Run Training: ( this is optional, and HIGHLY recommended if you are LOCAL)Group run training with John Dumonceaux – well establish runner coach who has helped 1000’s of people cross the line. As well in a supporting role 12x marathoner, and Iron Women Ally Johnson. 3 – 4 group run options will be available / week, in addition to a 15 – 20 week program, and weekly email updates. Cost is $40 run registration fee, race entry plus a $100 donation to either the Opportunity International, Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter, or Joints in Motion (The arthritis society’s marathon training team under coach Dumonceaux)

A whole bag of BONUSES:

Nutrition – the foundation for any endurance success is Nutrition Choose Energy’s partner – Nature’s pace will be offering a team program and one-on-one programs at a group rate.

Choose Energy Active – Focused cross training. Build core, leg,  stairs, hills , total body strength, flexibility and breathing to maximize your success. Choose Energy active programs will be offered at a group rate to all NWM run. Visit www. and click on Choose Energy Active * and potential affiliate companies

Yoga – 2 Yoga partners Jen Mansell and Fresh Start yoga will be offering strategic yoga sessions throughout our training in addition to offering a group rate at any of there established yoga classes.

Corporate: for our corporate partners on site training camps will be schedulled

Running gear and more: Tri it – your store for Clothing, apparel, nutrition and more will be offered at 10% discount to all group members

* Interested Participants MUST respond by APRIL 4, 2011

contact Allyson at

Instructions will then be sent to participants to complete registration during the open period of April 11 – 22nd (inclusive)


  • Choose Energy  will be given a group ID this must be used at time of registration
  • The distance you choose in registration must be what you stick too whether it be 21.1km or 42.2km ( this can not be changed)
  • At the time of registration you will be required to provide a credit card. Cost is $130US for the half marathon and $150 for the full marathon ( credit cards will not be charged unless you have been successful and getting through the lottery
  • All participants will be notified at the end of April if the group lottery entry was successful.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

A new blog game of Tag

I invented a new Blogger game. Ok, so what you do is answer 26 questions. They are pretty random but the cool part is each question starts with the letters of the alphabet in order starting from A. You don’t have to tag anyone, it is completely voluntary.

I call it the “ABC’s of me” catchy huh?

So don’t change the questions, but be creative in your answers.

(A) Age: 37… gaaa… uh. Nevermind. That’s actually a pretty good age.

(B) Bed Size: King size. It doesn’t really matter to me as I get a strip on the left side that is 7’ long and 1’ wide. The boy sleeps in the middle. I told Traci that when she is the short one in the middle, that Andrew is going to have to start sleeping in his own bed.

(C) Chore You Hate: Picking up dog shit. we have 2 pugs that create more crap then a cattle farm.

(D) Dogs? Speak of the devils. 2 Pugs. The boy dog pissed on my guitar today. Hell hath rain down on him. He spent 8 hours in solitary confinement while I fed the girl dog sausages in front of him.

(E) Essential Start Your Day Item: Ass scratch. I am forced to get up every morning at 4:30 to let the loudmouth fur-kids outside to crap. Sometimes I go back to sleep, sometimes I don’t.

(F) Favourite Color: red. no green. um. I have no idea really. depends.

(G) Gold or Silver? I don’t know. silver. It’s cheaper

(H) Height:  6’ 2”. People say I should run faster because I’m tall. I say. Pound it, Tall is heavier. jerks.

(I) Instruments You Play: Kazoo. Really. I REALLY good at the kazoo! I can play the mash theme on the guitar tho. And Oh Suzzana!

(J) Job Title: Gawd, this one makes me want to cry a little. I have no Idea what I do for a living.

(K) Kids: One 3.77 year old. The other day at TommyK Play he made a new friend. He came up to me at one point and says “Daddy, can you help me find my boy?”

(L) Live: Calgary. Really Live: In a 5th Wheel RV touring the Continent.

(M) Mom's Name: Colleen. My Dad calls her Charli. When he was playing junior hockey, she would come along on road trips and they would stay together in the hotel. Since no chicks were allowed, she would check in as Charli.

(N) Nicknames: Fuzzy. Zee. Rudy. N. Neely Weely, Neil Neil Banana Peel. Brodieman. Barefoot Neil Z. Big Guy. The Dude. John Malkovich. Club Z (Canadians will get that last one)

(O) Overnight Hospital Stays? Yeah, I slept in the freakingly uncomfortable recliner while Traci was in labour for 36 hours. That really sucked for me.

(P) Pet Peeve: Stupid Blogger tag games.

(Q) Quote from a Movie: “I think you should be sorry for Christ’s sake, A family member dies and you insult me, what the hell is the matter with you?” And “You ain’t got no legs Lt Dan.”

(R) Right or Left Handed? Right, except bat, golf and shoot hockey left.

(S) Siblings: One older Sister

(T) Time You Wake Up? My life is a mess right now. Monday I went to bed at 6am, woke up at 11am, back to bed at 8pm, wake up at 3am, back to bed at 11pm, up at 6am, back to bed at 7pm, up at midnight, bed at 6am, up at 10am, bed at 7pm… etc….

(U) Underwear: Mostly those Prodige boxer briefs from costco. Soft, supportive. I once wore a pair of novelty ginch. They were red and lacy manbriefs. You know, a little secret fun for the wifey. We were at a family gathering and I had to bend over to pick something up and Traci later told me that my Red lacy manpanties were pretty much flapping in the wind for everyone to see. No one ever said a word. I wonder what they must think to this day.

(V) Vegetable You Dislike: I frickin hate spaghetti squash, leeks, spinach. Other than that I’m good.

(W) What Makes You Run Late: I’m never late. I have a thing about being suitably on time. being early is a bad as being late.

(X) X-Rays You've Had Done: Teeth. But the worst was a barium enema when I was 24. Do you know what that is? That was truly the worst.

(Y) Yummy Food You Make: I am a very good cook. That’s why I ended up so fat. I LOVE my cooking.

(Z) Zoo, Favourite Animal: Any butt scratching monkey. I also like fish.

So, if you want to do this super fun game, just do it. I am thinking the next one I come up with will be called “The Stylish Blogger”.

For real this time–Contest Winners! And a bonus prize for Tim Wilson!

I held a not so Micro Monday Contest a while back, some of you might remember it. I also has bonus entries available for commenting on this post.

Before we get to that, have you entered the Virtual Marathon? You should. 2 weeks to complete 42.2k. I (along with 2 others here in Calgary so far) am going to complete it all in one shot on May 1st. There are prizes and custom bibs.

So, after all that there were 97 entries vying for 5 cool prizes.

image Do you see your name there? ok. here goes.

So, notice on my right (your left) there is my own prize picker tool. It seemed like such a HUGE amount of work to go to all the time, that I thought I’d build my own widget an put it here. You can use it for your contests too!


#1 is The Green Girl! You win a Cool Kids Tech Shirt! What size would you like?
# 94 is 64Classic! You win a pair of Ryders Sunglasses
# 84 is Staci! You win a SpiBelt!
#11 is Paul B! You win 8 Gu Roctane
#93 is 2 Slow 4 Boston! You win 2 BondiBands
#73 is Tim Wilson! You win 2 Canadian Dollars! (bonus prize, by the way)

Email me at nzeller (at) shaw (dot) ca to claim your prize and give me your address. Just so you know, these aren’t sponsored prizes, they are coming right out of our private stock and from my Wife’s little company GettaGift. Make sure to give her a follow at her Custom Jewellery Facebook site, just to say thanks!

The 2 bucks is right out of the dryer.

Oh, the main floor has been photographed for the house sale


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Contest winners…



For now, you are all winners because who isn’t a winner at the Circus!