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Thursday, March 24, 2011

For real this time–Contest Winners! And a bonus prize for Tim Wilson!

I held a not so Micro Monday Contest a while back, some of you might remember it. I also has bonus entries available for commenting on this post.

Before we get to that, have you entered the Virtual Marathon? You should. 2 weeks to complete 42.2k. I (along with 2 others here in Calgary so far) am going to complete it all in one shot on May 1st. There are prizes and custom bibs.

So, after all that there were 97 entries vying for 5 cool prizes.

image Do you see your name there? ok. here goes.

So, notice on my right (your left) there is my own prize picker tool. It seemed like such a HUGE amount of work to go to all the time, that I thought I’d build my own widget an put it here. You can use it for your contests too!


#1 is The Green Girl! You win a Cool Kids Tech Shirt! What size would you like?
# 94 is 64Classic! You win a pair of Ryders Sunglasses
# 84 is Staci! You win a SpiBelt!
#11 is Paul B! You win 8 Gu Roctane
#93 is 2 Slow 4 Boston! You win 2 BondiBands
#73 is Tim Wilson! You win 2 Canadian Dollars! (bonus prize, by the way)

Email me at nzeller (at) shaw (dot) ca to claim your prize and give me your address. Just so you know, these aren’t sponsored prizes, they are coming right out of our private stock and from my Wife’s little company GettaGift. Make sure to give her a follow at her Custom Jewellery Facebook site, just to say thanks!

The 2 bucks is right out of the dryer.

Oh, the main floor has been photographed for the house sale



  1. The house looks great! (Is the dog extra or included?)

  2. so what is the route that you are running in Calgary, time and place?

    FWIW I think the picture of your main floor that you posted is a nice one, it shows the ceilings, but it does seem to make the Family room appear small, and I know that plan and it has a huge family room.

  3. I can't wait to see Jon in those Bondi Bands!!

    Nice house, if you could just move it to Denver....

  4. Wow, not only do I win the Bonus Prize, I get a mention in the title of the posting to boot!!

    When you say the 2 bucks is right out of the dryer does that mean they got washed and dried, or that you just got done making them and they just finished drying? The reason I ask is because if you just got done making them why couldn't you make me 100's instead of 1's? :)

  5. loving the casa!!! minus the dog please.

  6. @Darren: I posted the route at MapMyRun and linked it from my personal FB. Probably 8am start on the 1st. Maybe earlier.

    @Jill. I wear Bondi Bands. What of it? p

    @ Tim. Nope, just a nice clean 2$ coin. Send me you mailing address.

    @PTIR. Thanks

    @EMZ. Please take the dog...

  7. Neil--I'm pumped.... and somewhat ashamed. I won sunglasses and didn't even know I had "entered" a contest.


    I can't wait to get them! The sun is finally shining here in Missouri!!

    The address is on the way. Thanks again!

  8. I'm #1! I feel so special!

    ::dances around::

    What's the biggest size you have?