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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Kevin Jagger is a very cool cat…

… and he is giving a pair of Paez Shoes away. They are Argentinian shoes, so how much cooler can they be, I mean, Right?

Kevin’s story is pretty cool. He never EVER wore a pair of speed skates, but then thought “Hey, why don’t I take up a sport I have never tried and then try and make the Canadian National Team” (best in the world, btw)

So he quit his job life and now lives and trains full time out of the Calgary Olympic Oval.

Check out his story. Pretty cool. I know something cooler tho, that link up above is for a contest. For these really comfy looking shoes. I liked the Black and Tan Panama’s myself.


Contest ends today. Odds of winning are pretty good right now.


  1. Bonnie Blair and Eric Heiden were Canadian? Huh? I guess they must have sought political asylum in the USA before they won all those Olympic speed skating gold medals.

  2. Hey now Jamoosh...easy!!! and it is not huh it is HEY!
    I love this story, I will now follow his blog! thanks Neil!

  3. Oh, J-moosh ... what a tart little comment... how 80's of you to say! Huh?

  4. I second the Mooshy being a "tart" thing.

  5. OMG, look at Canada get all upidity again. That Jamoosh.

  6. Bummer, I couldn't figure out how to leave a comment. I need a new pair of everyday shoes.