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Friday, March 25, 2011

My Friend Allyson is Running this Awesome Half and Marathon Clinic!

If you are in or around Calgary and are interested in this incredible opportunity, please contact Ally with any questions. If you can’t make it, please pass this on to the ladies in your life that you care about. This is worth it!

Ally’s company Choose Energy is looking for Calgary women to come train and be healthy, with a goal of the prestigous Nike Womens Half and Full Marathon on Oct 16th, 2011.

The Deets.

California Dreaming 

* Every wanted to run a HALF OR FULL MARATHON ???

* How about the hardest marathon to get into?

* Want to do it with a group and the highest Energy possible?

* Are you a Women?

Join Choose Energy at the

Nike’s SAN FRANSISCO’S Women’s Half and Full Marathon Oct. 16, 2011


Calling all ladies are you ready to get fit, be healthy, cross a finish line of a lifetime and get a little bling along the way.

The Goal a ½ or full marathon, the city San Francisco, the bling a Tiffany necklace as your medal

Whether it’s your first and a dream goal, veteran racer, or run for fun, then this is the great run for you. The Nike Women’s Marathon & Half Marathon in San Francisco, California is one event you just will want to train for!  Run through the famous streets of San Francisco as a celebration of healthy lifestyle.

The 2011 event is being held on Sunday, October 16th, and Choose Energy is putting a team to­gether to register.  Registration  for this race is like many through lottery. No gaurentees at point of  registration but entering as a group does up the odds in the April lottery.   The team can be a combination of both half and full marathon registrants, so running goals of either distance are invited to join. Maxium 15 participants

Choose Energy is pleased to offer you a comprehensive package to support your success:

Group Registration: $40 ( which will include a clothing option)Choose Energy’s group ID registration, a 15-20 week running program, nutrition tips, 5 part seminar series, and a starter goodie bag.

Plus:   a team to train and race with.

Maximum 15 participants

Run Training: ( this is optional, and HIGHLY recommended if you are LOCAL)Group run training with John Dumonceaux – well establish runner coach who has helped 1000’s of people cross the line. As well in a supporting role 12x marathoner, and Iron Women Ally Johnson. 3 – 4 group run options will be available / week, in addition to a 15 – 20 week program, and weekly email updates. Cost is $40 run registration fee, race entry plus a $100 donation to either the Opportunity International, Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter, or Joints in Motion (The arthritis society’s marathon training team under coach Dumonceaux)

A whole bag of BONUSES:

Nutrition – the foundation for any endurance success is Nutrition Choose Energy’s partner – Nature’s pace will be offering a team program and one-on-one programs at a group rate.

Choose Energy Active – Focused cross training. Build core, leg,  stairs, hills , total body strength, flexibility and breathing to maximize your success. Choose Energy active programs will be offered at a group rate to all NWM run. Visit www. and click on Choose Energy Active * and potential affiliate companies

Yoga – 2 Yoga partners Jen Mansell and Fresh Start yoga will be offering strategic yoga sessions throughout our training in addition to offering a group rate at any of there established yoga classes.

Corporate: for our corporate partners on site training camps will be schedulled

Running gear and more: Tri it – your store for Clothing, apparel, nutrition and more will be offered at 10% discount to all group members

* Interested Participants MUST respond by APRIL 4, 2011

contact Allyson at

Instructions will then be sent to participants to complete registration during the open period of April 11 – 22nd (inclusive)


  • Choose Energy  will be given a group ID this must be used at time of registration
  • The distance you choose in registration must be what you stick too whether it be 21.1km or 42.2km ( this can not be changed)
  • At the time of registration you will be required to provide a credit card. Cost is $130US for the half marathon and $150 for the full marathon ( credit cards will not be charged unless you have been successful and getting through the lottery
  • All participants will be notified at the end of April if the group lottery entry was successful.


  1. Heh, all these fit ladies and Chris.

  2. Oooh....I wish I was in Calgary more than once per year. :) That sounds like a great clinic.

  3. I would totally go if I lived there!!!