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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Not running in Vancouver…

Why? Can’t afford it.

If I was to continue on with the plan to run in Van on May 1st, it would possibly be the most incredibly selfish thing I would ever do in my lifetime. The things we (our entire Family) are dealing with here in Calgary trump any desire to run my first Marathon on May 1st.

Sorry to everyone who was looking forward to meeting me, and running together. I feel terrible.

That’s all…  (I have a really big sobby sobberson story all typed up that I decided not to post, this is enough, time to suck it up)


I’ll keep running. I have a bunch of races coming up, including half marathons. They are local, and they are paid for.


Life, man. it happens. make a decision, move on. Don’t forget to tell your loved ones how much they mean to you. It’s even more important in tough times. I am guilty of clamming up and being a prick in tough times. With this decision today, I made a promise to myself to change that. The house will be ready for sale next week. That is a HUGE step, and I need to thank Traci and my Dad. While I have been trying to get the new venture started and trying to close another, they have been busting their ass on the house to get it ready.

Here is a sneak peak of the house. These are 2 of the bedrooms upstairs…

Master Suite. Inc the walk in closet and Ensuite, it’s about 450sq ft on it’s own…

2 person programmable ‘Airjets’ tub (Separate large shower to the right in this photo)

Andrew room (never been used)

His walk in closet. Can you see the cat at the bottom?

Didn’t run anything this weekend…



  1. From you profile:

    Running helps me find clarity and focus, while improving the quality of life for myself, my family and the people around me whether I run with them or not...

    I don’t see anything about expensive races.

  2. Sorry about Vancouver, but you'll find another one and you'll have a great time at the local races. I missed a race already this year due to changed circumstances, and I have one paid for in the spring that's no longer possible. So basically, I know the feeling. But it will work out. In the meantime, family & friends are the most important. All the best!

  3. Hang in there. What one door closes another one opens. Last year I got to run a lot and did my first marathon. This year I am lucky to get any running in.

  4. Rough. Running of course is inherently selfish. Traveling to races is always rough with a young family, I know, especially leaving them at do a race.... Hell I feel guilty taking a morning off in Calgary to do a race or taking 3 hours to do a long run.

    Sounds Like money is tight, best decision, no brained really.

    What's the matter with Calgary marry?

    You should go for a run today, even if it isn't 29k.

    Next Sunday doing 34k. That is10 times around cranston. Probably start around 5am, if you are interested to all or some.

  5. Sorry Neil. I know how it feels. Besides my IT issues, we had a couple issues at home with the time commitment and all the little kids too. What I did get from the training I did was a new appreciation for those that have done it, and those that still are. Wow!

  6. You are right. Life happens. Funny, I bailed on a 50k race next month in No Cal that was paid for. Kinda for the same reason.

    Damn, I was thinking about moving to Calgary just yesterday. Can you give me a deal on your house? I cannot wait to run in the tropical weather.

  7. Being a grownup has its ups and downs but you will not regret putting your family first when you look back. Just make sure you keep running to stay sane in the midst of stress :)

  8. Totally, totally get it. It's a lot of work to try and make everything fit together perfectly and sometimes it just doesn't happen. We don't get to run together this time, but I'm sure we will in the future. Guess this means it's up to me to make the trek east at some point? :)

  9. Yeah, being a grown up sucks... ;o)

  10. Nice looking house! Sometimes I don't understand how a lot of other bloggers can afford to, or make the time to run all these races away from home, but more power to them.

  11. And so the runner's life goes. No bigee. Maybe you should just map out your own 26.2 miles and run that when you feel ready.

  12. Man it sucks sometimes. I'm glad to see you are making the best of it with your virtual run!! Way to turn something totally sucky into something totally awesome and sharing it!!

  13. Tough luck buddy - you will get lots more chances!

  14. You sound so sad :-(.
    Sometimes things look bad to us but the universe is busy planning something bigger and better for us. Just keep running 'cos you love running, the races will happen in perfect time - just be ready. :-)

  15. You're making the decisions you need to do. It'll just make it that much sweeter once finances are looser and life is calmer. I've weathered a lot of those periods in my life. It sucks, but you get through it the best you can.

    Good luck, my friend!

  16. So you didn't post the long sob story like I did just today? Seems suckiness is contagious lately. Hopefully all will turn in your favor soon. Your house is beautiful. Wish you luck in a fast sale.

  17. Life - it gets in the way sometimes. Most of the time it does so to remind us about what is important and what can go to the side. I remember when you were hesitant to run 10K. Remember? And look at you now. I believe it is not the race but rather the process that counts. And "life" is part of the process. The good, the bad, the ugly. It all makes the finish line that much more sweeter. Carry on...