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Saturday, March 19, 2011


The house blog is up and running.

now back to our regular programming…

Remember all the gobble-dee-gook about the photo shoot I went on a while ago?… No?… Well, anyway, I went on a photoshoot a while ago, and was interviewed by Impact Magazine.

Here is the story.  Oh, thanks SO much to Miranda Barrett (writer) of Impact Magazine for writing such a nice article out of the nearly incoherent blathering's I gave her over the phone… Also, when Chris the editor invited me to the photoshoot, he only had 2 requests. Be barefoot and wear something sharp.

Well, the first was fine, the second made me sweat bullets. It’s January. I have NOTHING new, and certainly nothing sharp to wear.

So, special thanks to Gord from Gord’s Running Store for saving my bacon. He supplied me with the New Balance Tech top (which I love, and is my go-to long run shirt now), and a pair of really nice Pearl Izumi shorts. The kind with the built in running ginch that don’t ride up. Thanks tons Gord! 


That is seriously what my feet look like after a year of barefooting….

Now, we wait for the big snowstorm to arrive… If it don’t come tonight I'll be back to blogger’d some more.


  1. Ha ha. They look like Yeti feet. So big!!! especially in comparison to your head.

  2. Depth of field is what he called it... Hehe. I like it.

  3. Dude, races should be paying you to run them. Feet lookin' good!

  4. I can't believe that your feet have held up so well..... pedicures?

  5. It's a gentle pedicure everytime I run!

  6. Wow! who needs a pumice stone? :) Your feet look way better than mine! ;)

  7. Man, those feet look like they get a daily massage! Mine look like someone chopped wood on them (the rubber band exercises are making my skin fall off - blek).

  8. You are such a superstar...and those feet look as smooth as a baby's butt!

    So case you sometimes get the urge to check out what's happening in my world, please follow my new blog and delete the old one. I've been having serious issues with it. Here's the new link :)

  9. oooooohhhhh. Thanks Neil. Awesome.

    Guess what? I did remember that story. I am your best Follower.

  10. Catching up on blogs. Still famous I see and what pretty feet you have. I'm a little jealous.