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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Where you from, results…


Cool huh? If you were to go on a driving trip, in the order you commented where you are from, this is a rough garmin data map from the trip. Kinda Forrest Gumpish, wouldn’t you say? (sorry, I couldn’t put Johannesburg into Mapquest for driving directions… sorry)

Looks like I’ll be missing my 29k run this Sunday, in order to run TWO races on Saturday. 10:30 at the Original St Patricks Day race (10k) and then 1pm for the Fish Creek XC race (8k). I think it’ll be a cool day of running! Might be some barefootery in the 10k, if the air temp is anywhere near the freezing mark, I'll be barefoot.

Jon @ picked up my Merrell Barefoot Trail Glove reviews and posted them up on the trail running site. Whenever something I write is picked up and re-published, I always re-read it from the perspective of someone just browsing around, who doesn’t know me from a yellow hole in the snow in the ground. I typically cringe a lot and wish I had written it differently. I struggle lately with my writing, knowing that more and more people are reading, wondering if I should ditch some of my sillyness for a more public approach. That feeling is usually fairly fleeting, and then I go back to my dummyness and just enjoy writing about stuff I do and stuff I like. I guess if someone wanted to pay me to write, I would write like they wanted me to write, but for now I do this free of charge, and people seem to like it, so I’m not going to worry about it…

Hey, Just in case, I'll put this out there. Do you want to pay me to write for you? I will work for race entries and gas, btw. I’ll also run the events you want me to run, so I can write about them… Race Directors! I’ll even bring my little green camera for awesome ON course photos and videos. (I am pretty good at, in race interviews)


Ok, Back to Jon at Trail Take a look, his site is a very cool resource for the off road runner. Then because of my article being posted up there, I received a contributor gift. A sample pack from Infinit-Nutrition is already on it’s way.  I never heard of them before, but after some exploration of their site, it seems like something I would be interested in trying. Why? Because… I think the custom blending of nutrition drinks, based on your own criteria, workout patterns, sports participated in, sweat patterns, etc , for a price that rivals the ‘canned’ solutions available, is an attractive deal to me.

I can’t wait to try the pre-blended running sample I’m have coming to me. It just looks cool!

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  1. You should make that a race! The followers race.

  2. That is very Forrest Gumpish indeed.

  3. Good luck on the races. This weekend is another 32km long run for me. :)

  4. I heard if you mapquest somewhere in the US to like China, mapquest tells you to take a jetski across the Pacific. Maybe Johann could hop on board one and you could show him in the ocean :).

  5. What's up Dummy? Your words, not mine. I say, don't change a thing. Honor your truth Canada.

  6. Good luck with your two races! Man, I totally missed the "where are you?" post. Add Seattle to that map. ;)