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Monday, December 24, 2012

Remember my last year in review?

This one.

Well, 2012 was pretty much the exact opposite. Not much writing, but tons of living! We did so many amazing things this year!

I still read and follow all of you, It’s just that I can barely keep up with all my life things, let alone write or respond about it!

I have a Photography website: where you can purchase my stuff. I started taking some really unique pictures of a bridge here in Calgary and all of a sudden became a bit of a popular photographer. Nothing mind bending, but I have actually made some decent money as a hired gun in recent months. follow along at my Facebook page too!


I have a calendar of said bridge available here. Have a look. Buy one. It’s accurate and has no Mayan anything on it.


Other than that, my day job is fine, my home life is great and things are only looking better each day!



Elbow River dec 15-12

Monday, November 12, 2012

Guys! The shows went amazing!

I met so many cool people! I was in awe of the great people involved in the art show I was a part of on Friday.

Tammy W from threw a wicked party for us all. Live music, incredible ambiance, cool artists, and me.


Mandy Stobo is plain ol’ Rad. She paints bad portraits, really good too. Her large art is pretty much the opposite of my photography. Messy, random, and freaky. and. oh. so. cool. Bad Portraits is even cooler than that too. You can send her your face and she will make it bad.




Jo Luke Giles is really low key and completely incredible using whatever he can get his hands on to make his art.


And also me.



The venue was really great. Village Brewery is at least 33% responsible for my meteoric rise to fame in my own mind, as they host these really cool Wednesday meet and greets that I attended 1 of a while ago, that day I met all the people I now cohort with in the art and photography world. And I am completely in love with their Village Blacksmith beer that I drink from a growler. Drinking my beer from a growler makes me at least 47% cooler in my own mind.



I sold some of my pictures too. Bonus! I was happy just being included in the incredibly hip crowd that was brave and rad enough brave the blizzard happening outside.

Total success for my very first art show!

Sunday Traci and I rented a booth in the Fort Calgary Artisan Fair. She with her amazingly glamorous jewellery and me with my images. Almost no one showed up for this Fair, but the ones who did came straight to our booth and bought something. In a craft fair where most vendors never covered the cost of the table rental, we were floating in dollar bills! Woot for us! We rock! say us.


Oh yeah. I bought a ridiculously cool paisley jacket that helped propagate the idea that I am cooler than I am. It worked! Fool’d em’ all!

Oh, and this was the large canvas print. that bad boy is 5’ tall!


It was very popular and probably 63% responsible for me selling what I sold!


Oh, Friday night there was commerce happening for the first 3 hours of the Event and the last 2 hours was pure party! It was a fantastic evening!



Saturday, November 3, 2012

Guys! My first art show!

November 9th from 7pm till midnight.

I have the utmost and humbling pleasure of sharing the stage that evening with the ballooning famousness of Mandy Stobo. In my head I hope this parlays into more sales for me, but being it is my very first show I have high no expectations. The publicity can’t be bad. Well, unless of course it’s bad publicity. Then it would be bad.

I started to drag and drop my favourite photos from my large catalogue into a separate folder. So far there are 996 images in there. And I have only gone back to May of this year. I need to pare this down to about 25 key images to print and mat (or frame) in various sizes, along with some loose prints for sale.

I also need to choose an image tonight to have blown up to a 40”x60” Canvas Gallery Print. I am pretty sure it will be this one.


But I’m torn. Maybe this one.


Or what about something like this?

PB Compo for printing - 4x6 smaller

Or this…


I dunno…

Could be this too?


hmmm… maybe this…


Anyway, if you are around on Friday night, feel free to drop by Village Brewery for some Live Music, Local Art and Great Beers! I will be the one sweating bullets, doubled over in abdominal pain from the anxiety attack that I can feel building up inside me…  Here is the event on Facebook.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Just so you know…

… I am ok.

I have not been running. Something has happened to my knees that is freaking me out.


I have been hired as a photographer a number of times in the past few weeks. For real, for real money! It’s been great. I sold a photo to a video production for a 1 year license, another one to Tourism Calgary for a 3 year term. I also got a surprise paypal payment for the single photo I have listed at Getty Images.

The best was last weekend. I got a comment on my Instagram account requesting my email address, as they need a photog for the night.

Cool! What was it?! It was a very high end fashion show! Oh shit. I’ve never shot a high end fashion show. Well turns out you can use your google machine to find out how to do anything. It helps that I understand the business end of my camera so well, as the settings were quite familiar to me, and all went really well. I did have to race around and buy a couple new pieces of equipment to competently do the job, but that went ok, I got everything and within 5 hours of getting the comment I was shooting at the event.

I was really really nervous. Like stomach churning. My boss put me at ease when she told me that she thought of me for the job because she liked my shooting style. So I hunkered in for the evening, met some amazing people and fired hundreds of photos. I was tasked with a shot list, which I succeeded in completing, so that part was great.

Once I got home from this amazing evening, it was time to check on the results. Well, the photos actually much better than I expected, so I was pretty pleased with myself. Within a couple hours I was done editing and I sent off the low res shots. The next day I got some good feedback and that was pretty much it. My first paid event shoot was done and it really, under the circumstances, couldn’t have gone better.

I have also been honing my landscape shots as well… Here are some of the results of the past few weeks of awesome, and pretty much life changing photography by me!

Check my Photography Fecebook page, give me a follow to see more like this. There is website in the works and I have my very first art show on Nov 9th! Exciting hey?




Monday, September 24, 2012

Rock the House Run, Sept 23-12

Rock the House Run Results are here. This race benefits the Southern Alberta Ronald McDonald House.

I talked the race into having barefoot/minimalist divisions. 8 people signed up total in the 5k and 10k. What really amazed me, was a guy in the BF division won the 10k outright in 38:xx! Woot!

Here are my Flicker Photos from the race.

I was too sick to race, so I went to just be generally friendly and to shoot the event from my angles. It was a really good race overall with records in attendance and pledges all broken!


Thursday, September 20, 2012

iRun Blog update (Blog Idol 2.0)

Hey coach! I ‘splain myself over at the other blog. The iRun Magazine blog.

Check it out here. A visit is a vote! You don’t even have to read it.

Click here!

ok.. i’ll wait while you do that.








Everyone else too. Go have  read. Catch up on me. It’s all about me.

And here is a photo I took 2 nights ago. You like it?