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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My Wife…

…means everything to me. She had a significant Birthday today and we celebrated a wonderful day for a wonderful person. Happy Birthday my darling wife.

This sunset from tonight after the rain shower is yours forever. I give this to you.

We spent last weekend in the mountains to celebrate Traci, and to spend some quality time together. It was just great. This is what it looked like.


Our Cabin at Storm Mountain Lodge.

Castle Mountain Junction.

Lots of Snow…

Storm Mountain

Rundle Mountain in Banff

Cascade Mountain in Banff

Lake Louise

Not sure… what is happening here.

People ask us if they can take pictures of our Pugs. One foreign lady actually asked if she could take a picture of Andrew.

Um. No.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Green Camera! and a 16k longest run of 2012

Yeah. I made my return to the Running Room, not invited, but because it was handy, and just what I needed today. I was actually supposed to be at a FlyFishing boot camp today, but since it was so cold out at –5c and snowing, I decided to run instead.

It was my longest run of 2012 by 7 kilometers. I knew I might be pushing my luck but it turned out fine. I am tired now, was tired on the run, but kept up and am only a little sore. I guess the TKO workouts are helping. It was a really challenging route as well. Long LONG uphills and quick short downs. I was nervous as we headed farther West as I knew the climb out of the park gets more and more challenging.

(I paused my garmin by accident early in the run)

The group was a mix of runner friends I know and new people (to me), so it made for good conversation.

Question: When people ask the question about barefoot running I am allowed to answer right? Or are you asking just to be polite? Hmmm. My answers seem to getting shorter and shorter, to the point of being dismissive. People seem ok with that too.

I wasn’t even barefoot. I wore my Vibram KSO’s today. I found myself wishing for the little bit of extra cushioning that the Spyridons have by the time we hit about 13k and were heading very downhill. I figure it’s just early season lack of footness. (Foot fitness). I will certainly be stiff tomorrow but the TKo will help work it out fo sho. But generally the KSO were just fine.


Oh, and I decided to take the little green camera out on a run again too. I got 6 shots before the card I grabbed was full, but got a couple nice ones nonetheless.

Ran into quite a number of run buddies too! Peter (here’s his blog) turned around and ran with us for a while. He is worried that the Boston Marathon allowing deferments for this year to next because of the weather will affect his chances to get in to the race in 2013. He has no problem qualifying, just the spots taken up may leave less room in the entry categories. We’ll see I guess.


One of my favourite spots to shoot runners! (0-Insert witty rhetoric here-o)

Start of the evil hill. It just kept climbing, culminating in a really steep last 100 meters… blech. Got a lot of work to do before Moose Mountain at the end of August.

Otherwise a maintenance weekend around the house as we are busy for the next number of weekends. Good Luck to everyone running Boston stay safe, and to everyone else, have a great week!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Doe a deer… part of a trip to Saskatchewan. Naturally.

I posted this deer Picture on Twitter. @Neil_Zee if you are into that sort of thing. I thought I posted it here. It’s been a fairly popular pic there and on Instagram too @nzeller_evs.

What do you think of this one?


Here are a few more from our trip to Cypress Hills Saskatchewan back in February that I never got around to writing about.

This one is still in Alberta. (can you guess how I can tell?)

The rest are in Saskatchewan.

One of my top 10 favourite pics of all time.