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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hiking and running and planning and PICTURES!

Well. We are settling in very nicely at the rental house. It really feels like home and I don’t ever really think about the old place. Traci feels it too and Andrew just plain loves life in general. 

Today a big box came. It was 3 sleeping bags I ordered from MEC online. $140.00 bags on sale for $35.00 each. It’s the beginning of our camping kit. Between running races, we will be spending weekends hiking and camping in the greatest outdoor playground in the world, Kananaskis Country. Traci and I are going to a “be prepared for Backcountry Camping’ lecture that will help us learn the right ways to cook, sleep and be safe out in the wilderness. We really won’t be random camping as there are many established campsites that are maintained by the provincial government. They are all equipped with rustic toilets (read: not having to bury your makings), food lockers (read: not having to hand over your food to a bear in the middle of the night) and flat tent sites complete with firepits and supplied wood. The key is they are nowhere near roads. You gotta get there under your own steam. Andrew is stoked for tent camping and is already a pretty accomplished hiker with 4 ambitious day hikes under his belt from last year when he was just barely 4 years old.

So far this year we have gone on a 4 hour hike which showed that he was ready to carry his own water. Last year he found the full 1.5 liter camelback a bit too heavy. Last weekend I filled it right full, plopped it on his back and never heard a peep about it. Good news for sure.

It was a great hike down in the Weaselhead Natural Area. It’s in the City, but you might as well be anywhere but.

You can click on any of the pictures to see full size. You can use any personally as wallpaper etc, just let me know you did. If you want to buy any (it’s happened, I had a theater company in San Francisco buy a picture for a background in a play) just let me know and we’ll work something out.

We went 5 for 6 in finding geocaches but there are probably 20 more down there.

It was pretty muddy in places. mud = fun, right? right!

Andrew is great fun to hike with. A real card at times.

It’s really pretty here.

Whoops. Dumped out the contents of a cache. Good thing there were no muggles around.

Water break!

Jus a cool shot me thinks.

Another geocache FTW!

Hey Daddy! watch me SMASH this snow!

So he takes a stick and puts a dot in the dirt. “Daddy, this is where we are”. then he walks a few feet and puts another dot. “Daddy, this is where we need to be, so lets get going!

This area is about 3kms from our inner city home. Fortunate doesn’t begin to describe how we are choosing to live our lives now. So blessed.

We pretty much gave up everything we owned to gain the life we wanted. It seemed like a nightmare while we were down, but now that we have come out on the other side, it feels like it was supposed to be exactly this way.

We have all been running again. I took a week off from the TKO gym as I was feeling like I was nearly broken, so some rest was a good thing. I go back tomorrow. I ran 3 times and had 2 nice hikes in the last week  and it really refreshed me. Traci is running 3 days a week and is loving it again, and Andrew is just running. everywhere.

I have started to train for my Mountain run in August. It’s 14.5kms and 3000’ up to the turn around. I will run hills and trails every chance I can get. These are only 150’ high hills, and it’s only 5k, but I felt good enough after to give me hope that with a good amount of hill training I should be good for the race.


Yesterday I got home a little early and we just packed a few tasty snacks and headed a total of 8 blocks away for a great hike in the Sandy Beach area of Calgary.

The Elbow River is as low as it ever is during the year. In a month this will be almost to the underside of that bridge for a few days. There is an extraordinary amount of snow in the mountains and this is one of the places is floods when it all melts.

This is one of the hills I run.

From the top. under that juniper is a Geocache!

As sure sign of spring. Crocuses are all over the hillsides!

Just another one i liked.


Otherwise, work is a grind, but a great grind. Andrew loves school, Traci is doing great with her custom jewellery business.

Life is good!


  1. Awesome pics as always... love the trails you've found. Mountain race sounds awesome!

    1. Heck, i've know about these trails for years, was just too fat and lazy to be bothered. So happy now!

  2. Your pictures are gorgeous. I'm so glad that you're finding peace and joy in the life you're living now. I was just talking to my brother about something similar. Our house isn't huge by any means and isn't big by most peoples' definition, but it's bigger than the once we moved out of when we bought it...and a bigger payment as well. While I'm beyond thrilled to be away from the situation we were in in the previous house, I definitely miss the freedom that came with the considerably smaller bills we had then.

    1. We are learning some 'truths' as we go. Like quality of life does not have to be related to standard of living.

  3. I think the two best parts about this post are that you guys are running (and liking it!) and are happy! Love the crocus picture. :)

    1. We've always loved running, the best part is we can do it again... Woot!

  4. Yep, having less gives you more. That's the lesson we learned when we finally found the cojones to leave the big city. Love the pics. Andrew's a gem. You should definitely keep him.

    1. I've read enough of your stuff to know some of your history (re:911). I think everyone needs a wake up call regarding how much stuff a person really needs.

      Yeah. we'll keep the kid. Trial period is over anyway.

  5. Sandy Beach was one of our favorite picnic spots when I was a kid... so nice to see this pics. Your blog and pictures always leave me longing for Calgary a little.

    We sold our house, furnished, and moved onto our sailboat 10 years ago. So, I know about giving things up and how freeing it all is. Good for you, and for your family. It's about experiences and being together, not about stuff, right?

    1. Yeah, we really love this neighborhood... And it's ALL about doing this stuff as a family!