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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Untitled blog about almost nothing.

First. Here is the link to the ‘Inspiring Stories’ section of Impact Magazine. My story. I appreciated the article a lot, it paints a true picture, but the story really has nothing to do with barefooting, only giving a short mention of it. Ah well. It was going to be a barefooting- getting healthy story, but a casual mention in my first interview about how Andrew was the precursor to our desire to get fit(er), and I got a call back a week later to do a re-write with the family as the center piece of the article. Editor Chris said that if he knew about Barefoot Andrew (his words) earlier he would have had me bring him in for the photoshoot too. I have always said that I am WAY more interesting with my family than without, and now it’s been proven.

Second. Traci and I had a date. We went coffee cupping, snow plowing and then out for breakfast at Humpty's. (Settle down mercans, it’s a restaurant like Dennys)

The Coffee cupping was a blast. I never knew there was so much that goes into coffee blends, coffee growing, coffee buying, etc etc. Thelma from the Good Earth Cafe invited us a couple weeks ago, so Thanks to Thelma. there were 3 other couples and they had a section of the Cafe set up for us. We felt special!


Thelma wore my race shirt from my very first barefoot race, that she sponsored. Thanks again!

Traci gets anxiety before going to any event, but then always has a good time. this event was no different. even though she ended up a little over caffinated… hehe.

I could ‘splain the rules of Coffee Cupping, but they had this for us so…

So our host and coffee teacher Christie went through a ton of coffee information that I’ll never do justice to try and re-tell, but just know that Good Earth Coffee Cafes are doing right by their growers, their franchisees and their customers. They are a great story and I am proud to be a supporter.

I picked the medium, Traci picked the light.

We left there and went snowplowing. No that is not a code word for anything. We actually went snowplowing. I had promised a guy who’s wife just gave birth, that I would plow a parking lot for him. So Traci got to come see how glamorous my winter job really is. She was glad when we were done and we were only out there for 20 minutes. Try 10 hours… yuck.

By then it was 10:30 and we ended up at Humpty’s. Breakfast for late night supper. good conversations, tasty french toast.

Third. I haven’t ran one step in 2 weeks.

Fourth. The Virtual Marathon is shaping up nicely. Hey Chris K! You interested in donating a couple of 19x13 art prints again as prizes?

We have 38 entries so far! Awesome. Spread the word! Maybe Merrell will want to donate a prize too!

OH! Also, if you are local here in Calgary, we are going to make an event of it. Aid Stations and everything. The route is a pretty awesome one if I do say so myself. And if you don’t want to run the whole 42.2k that day, we will have out and back routes for 21.1, 10 and 5k, so feel free to sign up, get your pre- mileage in prior to May 1st then finish it off on race day.

Fifth. It’s finally spring here in Calgary. I did a little tidy up around the garden shed to get ready to plant out our annuals.
Spring shed

Was able to get at the long overdue Deck De-icing
spring deck deicing

And did a darn nice job of edging the pathway from the house.
Spring yard

So… In Merca, you guys have Punxsutawney Phil from… um, where is Punxsutawney Phil from anyway? Anyway. We have Bobby Bananas. When the bananas finally thaw out then it’s spring here in Calgary. We are happy to see the tip starting to unthaw, only 2-3 more months of winter. *WoOt*
Spring bananas

Oh, this is what the yard looks like when the snow finally does melt.

Stupid Effing winter.

Oh well. We have WeList coming over to get started on the listing of our house. They are going to do a comparative market analysis for us, then we can price it, sell it, buy another one, then move. Can’t wait till this process is over…


  1. Great post! Sounds like good times! Love the pics!

  2. That coffee shop looks amazing!!! I would go for the STONG coffee. I want to do your marathon BUT my calf won't allow a 26.2 run. Not yet anyway.

  3. Coffee is my #1 vice. You have a beautiful yard, Neil. My husband and I just moved into a new house, so we've been looking for inspiration before starting a deck. I love your arbours!

  4. I love coffee and would love to go to a program like that - so jealous. Good luck with the house sale.

  5. That coffee program sounds really interesting. There's gotta be a coffee shop here in Minneapolis that hosts something similar.

    Hmmm... using thawing bananas to predict spring. Great idea! I'm so sick of winter. Spring can't come soon enough!

  6. Maybe Traci is worried you will misbehave? haha!

  7. Yes yes Dave. In regards to her anxiety. Yeah I get that, and I've probably earned it too!!

  8. Humpty's and snowplowing---sounds like good wholesome fun! We are on our 5th house so BELIEVE me that I know the stress of buying selling, moving etc. Good luck.

  9. stop the presses! two weeks? 2 WEEKS?!?!?

    Did I miss an injury update? If not, you need to get soem miles in bro!

  10. You have me in your count of 38, right?