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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Andrew is a freakishly good trail runner…

So, what got me back on the trails recently, is that I am wear testing some trail running shoes for a magazine. I’m not sure why, but I invited my son out for one for the runs on Monday, and he did amazing. Yesterday we went out again and I got a video of him.

We did 2km of trails. I let him lead the way and he just motors along. pushes hard up the hills, careful steps down the slopes and quick and smooth on the bendy flats. There are a few precipitous slopes along the trails and he is very aware and cautious to not make a mis-step.

This kid just gets it. And he’s teaching me a thing or two about it too! He is 4, by the way…


  1. Wow - only 4! Looks like the Father dominance will end by the time he turns 6!

  2. I took my 10 year old out on trails and she fell in love with them the first time. She just loved what I find so hard!

  3. D is like that too. We went trail running this summer and he is an amazing trial runner.