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Friday, November 26, 2010

My block today…

It was –51f, 3 days ago. today it was +40f… That kind of weather change gives me a headache and a smile all at the same time….



  1. -K- Sky is beautiful but the -51 you can keep. That is friggin cold.

  2. holy crap. I ran with my sliding door open again . . it was 55, I was in all my "winter gear", I'm an idiot Arizona [treadmill] runner, what can I say.

  3. And it's not even Winter yet! My prediction is that you'll have a white Christmas.

  4. Um, so when I compained that it was really cold at +51 deg F then maybe I am a sissy Californian? Just maybe.

  5. Wow, great shot of your block - crazy change in temp!

  6. Stay well! We usually don't get those extremes until February.