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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Banff WinterStart 5mile Night Race…

… wins hands down for the best use of an underground parking garage. and a canoe.

Results here.

Before the race:


After the race, it was like a rave in there! SOOO much fun!

DSCF2726  DSCF2732 DSCF2733

Big Rock Beer sponsored the event. They were giving away copious amounts of ‘Gopher’ Beer.


The Canoe.


The race was an incredible adventure. It is freaking BLACK out once you leave the townsite of Banff (about 600meters into the race and then it’s all by feel. I had a headlamp so for me it was ok, but most didn’t. Mind you, they weren’t barefoot. It was snowing at the top of the Tunnel Mountain hill, but only raining at the bottom.



My Data speaks volumes about how I felt during the race (Incredible). The 4th K was straight up the hill, the 5th was straight down. Look at my avg heart rate tho. I was PERFECT in my plan. Same cadence, same effort, let the pace be whatever it needs to be. Over a minute per km difference. But look at the heart rate! No wonder I was able to put my fastest km in on the last km! I am pretty sure I used 98% of my effort this race, and it felt perfect. I even had a sprint finish to avoid getting chicked. (No one wants to be beat by the barefoot Guy). I ran every step, even sprinting some, I Roctane Gu’d in the start corral, which probably kicked in at the 6k mark. I used to save myself for the final 100m, as any more kicking then that and I’d be done. Now I am starting to kick at the 2k left mark, as I know I can keep up the cadence. That is an amazing feeling, to know I can hold a faster pace at the end of a race… I am really looking forward to see what I can accomplish next year. Time to start training. Oh, yeah. I have another half marathon next weekend first. Gonna rock that one too!!!

The conditions were just fine for barefoot, temp about 40f, wet pavement, feet feel as good as they have felt in months! I am going to miss barefooting. I say that because we are supposed to get a serious shot of winter starting Monday. Bout Time. (we plow snow in the winter, so there's that)

Here are the official results. 350 out of over 1000, I like that.


Here are the rest of the photo Highlights. I have a FUN start line video of me gaggling on about how exciting the race is (and it hadn’t started yet) but I am on a mobile Internet stick, so I will post that video tomorrow when I get back home.

Barrie is Kelly’s Husband, this was supposed to be his first race ever, but he ended up with a calf injury… sucko. He posed like Captain Morgan instead.

 DSCF2685 Captain%20Morgan

Kelly still hasn’t gotten the hang of smiling wildly at all times when I am around, as the camera is always shooting. And thanks for bringing me a Roctane GU.  I have about 250 GU’s at home, but forgot to bring 1. Kelly rescued me.


It’s getting Crazy outside!


I wasn’t the only bear runner.


A good picture of my Mom and I before the race.


Ally! See Kelly!? she gets it!


Heading toward the start


Looking toward the start, *WooT*


Looking back. There were almost 1100 finishers in this race!


Gratuitous foot shot.


Startline giddy me, and wildly smiling Kelly. See, isn’t that better!


This was pretty much my view the entire race.


And at times it was like this.


and also this.


My Mom got me just before the finish line on her blackberry. Or we think it might be the Loch Ness monster. I have translated the photo for you, based on what she told me was there. I have no reason to think she would just take a random picture and tell me it was me, do I?


Kelly finishing (she is the blur on the left side)


Dave is in the Black vest crossing the line on the left side. Thanks for the use of your hotel room as a bag drop!


Here is Jen (who will see this blog for the first time after, Joanne, emails her the Link. Also, Daren!


I have to include Marco too! At every race he sees me, I have a shot like this of him!


See, here at the Harvest Half as well!


See you at the next one Marco! And I’ll see all of you LATER!

Gawd I love to run. Oh the Race Camera Dude took some shots of me before the race, so we’ll see what comes of that.

  • Barefoot mileage since June 29th : 243.3km
  • VFF mileage since July 7th : 78.7km (12 on trails)
  • Shoe mileage since SOBF (start of barefoot): 5km (25:30 5k race PR on July 1st)
  • And here is just another picture of our mountain paradise. See DW and DS down by the river there?



    1. That race looks like a total PAR-TAY! As Andrew would say. I love that you are wearing sunglasses and a headlamp on your head--awesome!

    2. I just want to say that your Mum looks too young to be your Mum.

    3. Great job, Neil. My feet are not dealing well with cold when it is wet.
      Are you sure this is your Mom?
      What a cool use of the underground parking garage. And then the beer.Wow.
      Will you be trying barefoot snow running?

    4. Congrats on a great race! I agree with Char and Ewa...your mom looks so young, I thought you were kidding at first.

      Love the use of the parking garage and that CANOE :) :) perfect!

    5. That race looks like it's a blast! And that is DEFINITELY the best use of both a canoe and an underground parking garage.

    6. Great job on the race - that roctane was like rocket fuel for you. Truly one of the best races in the area, well organized and SUPER fun. I need to take picture lessons from Ally...
      The shots of "Marco" kill me but I'm not entirely sure now he exists; notice in both shots you don't see his whole number? And there isn't a Marco with results for either race...I'm afraid your little green camera might be seeing people who aren't really there :) but if he is a ghost, he is the happiest ghost ever!


      Congrats man.

    8. Great race by you & Kelly and a good blog! A girl tried to sprint by me at the end and I thought "I can't let myself be chicked" - was thinking of your comment about Kelly at the Gorilla Run haha.

    9. Nice work! Hopefully I'll see you at the Last Chance Half. :)

    10. Your races always look like such a party fun time! I can't wait to really run the next one!

    11. The photos are incredible! And I can never get enough of the photos with your barefeet and some other suckah's with sissy shoes. Just love it.

    12. Any race that has a canoe full of beer is good by me! This race looks like a lot of fun :)

    13. Neil the barefooting is not quite over yet. I am hoping to do the Last Chance Half barefoot, and there are always Chinooks. Barefoot Rick has posted an excellent report on winter running at BRS.