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Sunday, November 14, 2010

What I did… it’s just too effin stupid for words…

But here are my words anyway… Full disclosure right?

I stopped and knelt down to take a picture of Joanne coming up the path (about the 9k mark, she was at the 11k mark). When I got up to start running, I hurried to get back into traffic and just lost my brain for a minute. My first stride with my right foot I absolutely SMASHED it into a lump in the asphalt. So my toes are pointed up and I hit the big part of the foot. I said ‘fuck’ very loudly because this sucker hurt. right away. I didn’t know if I broke it, ripped all the skin off the bottom, or the foot fell off altogether. I didn’t want to look. I ran a bit, and my foot got really hot, then numb, but after a few strides there was no pain. I stopped and looked. It looks ok and the pain went right away. (numb). It’s strangest thing now because there is moments I have to stop the pain is too much to walk on, and then it goes away and I can walk again (still with pain, but at least I can walk) there is no pain when I have no pressure on it.

When I walk on it, my tendency is to supinate to make up for the pain but that doesn’t work, so when I force my foot to pronate, I can walk without limping and it is relatively comfortable. The education never ends does it…?

It is painful enough at times tonight that I am considering a Dr. visit in the am… sucks.


Photo turned out good. so there is that. the evil lumps are behind her.


Race report to come.


  1. Oh no! I'm so sorry. I hope you do drag yourself to a Dr. and get it looked at - and that it turns out to be just bruised or something and nothing too serious.

  2. Ugh...sorry to read this. Do be careful not to injure yourself by sounds like a good idea. Good luck with that...

  3. oh man, I hope it doesn't end up being that big of a deal...

  4. Maybe shut it down for week or so. Be careful Neil. I hope it turns out to be super minor....kinda like when you bump your bed post at night, it hurts like crap but is fine the next day.

  5. Ouch. I hope you recover as soon as possible.

    Richard (

  6. I have done that a couple of times but not hard. Ice it over night if you can. Ibuprofen. good luck

  7. What did the asphalt ever do to you to deserve to be kicked?

    Rest up, heal up, man up. You'll be back at it in no time.

  8. Somehow I feel responsible...

  9. Heck Joanne, I could have done this taking ANYONE's picture! You are the lucky winner, with the best photo! Yay!

  10. oh no!! I hope your foot gets better!! Let us know what you find out if you went to the doctor! (i'm a little behind in my blogging) lol ;)

  11. Neil,

    I guess that means that it is bad luck to take my photo...!

    Heal well, my friend.