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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Work work work work…

… it sucks when suck-ass work gets in the way of life.

Very big challenges at work are affecting my:

  • sleep
  • diet
  • running
  • family
  • fun times
  • general well being
  • attitude
  • sphincter
  • heart-rate
  • digestion
  • and just about everything else.

BUT… I am racing on Saturday night in Banff, so how bad can it be, really. PLUS we are staying at my sisters condo in Canmore, that has a large pool and hot tub. AND it’s my Dad’s birthday celebration on Saturday.

Life is good. I am blessed.

IMG_3643 FathersDayJune2010-16

Just flipping through some more pics. Here is another Great Horned we saw in the Alberta Badlands near Drumheller. Do you see him?


How bout now? he’s just a baby!



  1. Yeah work can get in the way sometimes but it's one of those necessary evils. That is unless you get a sugar-daddy (or mummy - your pick)

  2. I want to say something encouraging, but I can't always find the right words. From this point of view, based on the pictures you post and the stories you tell here, it looks like you are doing a fantastic job at taking care of your loved ones and managing to have a lot of fun while you do it. I also admire the pictures you've shown us of how fine the work you do is. You are a resourceful, creative guy, and you seem like someone who will be able to figure out a good balance, even if you have to survive some rough periods while you're getting there.

  3. Work sucks sometimes, but I'd work overtime if I could race in Banff this weekend!

  4. Hahaha..."suck-ass work" I should put a sign up at my desk.

  5. I like the "life is good, I am blessed" way of thinking. My race this weekend is helping me through the day's work as well. Good luck this weekend!

  6. Enjoy the race and beautiful Banff!

    PS My Captcha word for thisw comment is "Bedoma," which is a disease we can all be thankful not to have.

  7. I so agree with life is good sentiment.
    Have a wonderful weekend - always wanted to visit Banf.

  8. I LOVE that photo of your wife. excellent.

    I say quit work. just sayin. All the cool people are doing it.

  9. Sphincter?? Oh no! =D So sorry about the big challenges at work.

    Oh my. That second photo is absolutely fabulous.

    *sigh* third time's a charm. Hope it posts this time. My connection is so sucky sometimes.

  10. man do I hear you. That is why I've been so far off of the radar. Soon I'll have my head above water....soon.