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Monday, November 15, 2010

GU for you TOO, rest of World!

My GU Stocking contest is open until Nov 22nd, so there is plenty of time for all the more worldly Cool Kids that read this here blog to enter… YES! that means you South Africa, Netherlands, Australia, New Jersey, Singapore, Mexico, Saskatoon Saskatchewan! You can all enter this GU Contest…

Here are the exact words as emailed to me.

GU is willing to ship internationally


But my BIG question is: Is GU willing to ship to Outer Space? I bet those astronauts aboard the space station would like some GU! Don’t you?

here is a rare photo of the first international space station… See the sleeping pod on the lower right?IMG_8676a


  1. Well it's about time!! :) YOU know I follow you, mostly cause your rad and not so much for the gu but you can send me some anyway if I win !

  2. Already follow your blog, you are sooo funny and your pictures are great. Just signed up to follow you on Twitter and already like you on Facebook. Thats 3 entries for me in South Africa!!