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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

  CIMG3926 CIMG3931 CIMG3848  CIMG3865 CIMG3868 CIMG3873 CIMG3885 CIMG3896 Swedish aspen flower


  1. Missing spring already?
    Beautiful pics.

  2. You knew you couldn't leave us hanging. Thanks for the purty fluers!

  3. Um your making me want spring! We had snow last night!!

  4. oh man... i so want it to be spring/summer again already!! lol... but i do love thanksgiving/Christmas time!! :D

  5. Beautiful photos! One of my hobbies is to photograph flowers. Luckily we are in spring now moving into summer!:)

  6. That is what it looks like "right now" in Arizona. In fact on the agenda today is "Plant flower pots". I'll trade you for the snow though (at least for a day or two)