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Friday, November 19, 2010

The mailman cometh…

and he brings treats. I gave away most of my extra GU stash at the race last Sunday as I knew I was getting a package in the mail this week.


In 2 separate and unrelated packages I get this today. What might be in the boxes, you ask?


All this!! wow! Thanks GU Energy Labs and Melanie McQuaid!


And if you have a couple minutes of spare time on a Friday evening, you can make 48 Pineapple Roctane and 48 Island Nectar Roctane look like this too!


Oh, I may have the single largest stash of Island Nectar (AND it’s in Canada, where it was never actually available, thanks MIL in Pa) left in the world. GU Energy Labs just ran out today. They sold and gave away 3750 6-packs of the Limited Edition Island Nectar. But now they are all gone. What should I do with all this GU? I’m training for a Marathon starting soon, however, I am pretty sure I won’t use it all, will I? Dang. I hate math.

I’ll have a few blog posts to catch up on, so I’ll be doing a few in the next couple days. Bye.


  1. I've never seen so much Gu in one place - EVER!

  2. OMG!!!!!! That's heaven for me. I love love love Roctane! I'm so envious right now!

  3. Pretty!
    You can keep the roctane and send some vanilla gingerbread my way ;)

  4. Man, I'm totally jealous :) I wanted to try both those flavors. I'm getting a little tired of the same stuff over and over.

  5. It's hard to say if I'm more impressed by your stash or the fact that you lined them all up...

  6. One could circle the globe on all that stuff.