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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cross Training

Start time 2:00am MST

  • Total distance – 210kms
  • Total time – 11.5 hours
  • Fuel Used – Regular Unleaded 50 litres 12.5 gallons
  • Steering wheel rotations – 14,000
  • Pedal pushes – 29,000
  • total weight pushed – 2,900 tons
  • Average depth – 3 inches

Snow pic 2

Snow pic 1

1 repeats (so far). 2nd repeat to begin at 8pm today MST, 6 hour rest between repeats. Total number of participants 2 (Dad and I)

Result. sore arms, sore ass, 2 really grumpy mofo’s.

This self portrait is EARLY on in the first session. Tonight I am going to turn my Garmin on and set it on the dash… should be interesting? Should I wear my Heartrate strap? LOL

Neil in truck 

So, really, like WOW, were we ever fortunate for the Last Chance Half race on Sunday, weren’t we? Wow…

Other news. After 12 hours of driving the truck back and forth. My foot is feeling better. Much better actually. Because I am stuck in the drivers seat for 12 hours, it turns out to be a great rest for the foot! That’s good news right!?!

Take care internet. Here is another couple choices for Adrienne. (they are both the same location, cool huh?)



Oh. In Running News, I am the 1000th ‘Like’ on the Vancouver Marathon Facebook page. Should I run it? May 1st, 2011. I know Tricia and Adam want to come up and run a Canadian Marathon now too! Who’s in?

Got a good amount of entries for the GU Stocking contest so make sure you are entered. Ask Adrienne how cool it is to win an awesome Barefoot Neil Z contest. Life changing, really. um…


  1. Yes run it!!! As always the photos are amazing!!

  2. Yes!!! I could totally do the tour guide thing! I need to meet some bloggers! I'm pretty sure my husband worries that I seem to consider other bloggers "friends" even though we've never met... :)

  3. yes, put the garmin on the dash! i wore mine once this summer while mowing the lawn. it was fun to see the tracing on the map...
    wow, man. LOTS of snow already. your Son must be loving it!
    be well....

  4. It took me a second to figure out what kind of weights you'd use for "steering wheel rotations", and the muscles worked...

  5. You should wear a strap and make notes on how snowdrifts affect your HR.
    I never considered driving as cross training. Now I feel so much better after all those hours I spend behind the wheel driving my son to his classes.

    I vote YES for May 1st.

  6. Vancouver has a much nicer marathon course than Calgary!

  7. I'm a fellow Canuck...and get that we have winter...
    but pls keep that weather there. I am not ready!!

  8. Like those photos in the snow. Something I don't know much about in my world. Of course you should run on 1 May.

  9. Snow? Already? At least you have you own plow (or "plough").

    I guess all Kanadians do, right?

  10. sore ass, 2 really grumpy mofo’ a normal day?!

    Wait, normal day in my house....
    wait....this isn't going well.

    I'm out.

  11. I haven't gotten any snow yet. Maybe today. I'm so excited! Like a little kid!

  12. um wow!! look at that snow!! I'm so glad it hasn't snowed in Ohio yet!! lol...
    Glad your foot is feeling better! :)
    BTW, I officially started the Christmas Card swap if you want to sign up! :) Click the Christmas-y picture on my sidebar! :)

  13. maybe that's a sign for you to join the marathon =)

    i want that GU stocking!!!! =)

  14. HAHAHA!! You post cracked me up!! Maybe you should wear those wrist and ankle weights next time :) LOL!! So funny!