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Friday, November 26, 2010

Anutha Winna!

You, loyal readers have spoken. I, however, forgot about the Merca holiday of shopping and face stuffing, so I am sure that could have swayed these results if some of you (you) weren’t in a tryptophan and football induced coma.... Lucky for Jarrett from pedalpaddleplod tho, he wins! AND lucky for him, someone HATES his closest competition… Jarrett won by the narrowest of margins…. Wow! Won the contest by a single ‘Whatever’…


Congrats, here is what you have won. a 13 x 19 canvas art print of the following. How’s that for one of a kind?! (ps. you can actually choose any photo from this blog to use, just let me know)


Oh. Are you interested in the total results??…..


Are you sure?

And I still have another contest going on. See here.


  1. Sweet! BTW--for the other picture contest you had that I won (Yay me) I like the picture of the barn where half of it is in shadow and then the other half in sunlight. I don't remember where it is on your blog though. I've been behind on the reading of blogs lately as I've been out of town for a week. Hope you aren't freezing to death up North. It is 0 degrees where I'm at and I'm pretty sure I might die if I don't get back to AZ soon. Take care.

  2. I like IMG_5067, with the mountains in the background and the grass in the foreground... Thanks!

  3. DANG!! You mean to tell me that I shouldn't have voted for "don't like it" on my own entry???