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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Follow up awesome! to the Banff WinterStart Race!

I took 2 videos. This first is me being really over the top at the start of the race. What can I say, the energy of this amazing race got to me! It obviously worked tho, as upon reflection, I think it was my best run race to date! My Race report is here.

The second Video is a overview of the after party in the underground parkade of the Host Hotel. The Cariboo did an amazing job of the entire event. Way to go!

Also, before the race, I enlisted my Dad to attempt a few long exposure photos of the start of the race, just a block down from the start. I took a look on the camera last night and didn’t really see anything, but was surprised to see a few really good pictures once I downloaded them onto the computer and did a little tweaking of them. These ended up just like I was hoping, Thanks for shooting them for me Dad!

I love this picture. Pure anticipation, waiting for the desolate roads to be filled with 1100 runners!


Just before the start.


Look! There they are! The leaders!


And here come the masses!


That headlamp may have been mine!


Everyone gets a glowstick at the start of the race… makes for a cool sight moving up the road.


To top off an amazing weekend, we went over to my Sisters other Condo (she is selling the one we stayed in), and had a nice breakfast, relaxed with a really good coffee or two (she has a single serving machine that makes incredible coffees) then took some photos out in the neighbourhood.

We stopped on the way down to her other place to take this picture… This is part of Canmore and Banff is way off in the Distance there.


I thought is view deserved some attention. It’s just outside her front door.


This is Dear sis, Nic, her DH Dean and their DD Scooby.


DW and DS…


The whole herd! Traci, Me, Nan (my mom), Andrew, Poppop (My Dad), Nicki, Scooby and Dean. I’m going to edit out the power pole in the photo.


A mere mountain.


As I mentioned yesterday, we enjoyed celebrating Poppop’s birthday too!. This is what it looked like.

Pre-party relaxing!


The cake was an angel food, with fruit and whipped topping! Yum!!


It is Dean’s birthday soon too, but I am sure he has something bigger planned closer to the date. We gave him his card. Happy B-day!


Andrew holding the card for Poppop…


After party swim!


It was fun!


This is the lobby to the residents recreation center at the condo… pretty nice. No ever uses it… sad.


Great news too! Traci’s shin is good, she went for a 3k run this aft after we got home and is feeling fine! *wOoT*, next year we will both run Banff Winterstart and we WILL be staying overnight so we can enjoy the party to the fullest!


  1. Wonderful family photos!
    I love the long exposure run shots, I love how much action they have.

  2. Your pics brought back great memories from when we lived in both Banff and Canmore - loved the WinterStart, every year we could fit it in! Heck, I'd trade our Island climate for a few of those Tunnel Mountain snowflakes right about now! D.

  3. Good run!! Your pictures are great - they make me wanna come run in Canada. My brother-in-law lives in Quebec so maybe one day I'll get there...