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Friday, November 19, 2010

What’s a Girl to do when the Primping must Prevail? Contest!

I am not a girl. But a boy has to primp once in a while. Doesn't he? Well I did anyway, because the fine folks at Barefoot Venus sent me some samples of their girly products.

Here are a few things that I like, that may surprise you.

  • Incense
  • Fine cookware
  • Pinot Grigio
  • candlelight
  • baroque music
  • massage
  • hot baths with Epsom salts
  • good chapstick
  • Loose Leaf Vanilla Bean Tea

And here is a little nuance about me that may surprise you too.

  • When I pass someone in a mall or walmart, I hold my breath until they are long gone because I can’t stand smelling other people. Does that make me a bad person?

Now, you can add Mustard Bath to the list of things I like (and smells I like). I had no idea what to expect, but with the incredibly cold weather we are experiencing, and my crazy hours I am keeping, I was actually looking forward to an invigorating mustard bath.

I got the bath running. I have only used the tub in recent months for ice baths, so this was weird to use the hot tap! (do you like my bath pillow?)


I dropped in the sample of the Mustard Bath, thinking it was going to smell like those mustard compresses that my mom used to put on my chest when I had a cold. You can imaging that I was pleasantly surprised to smell Eucalyptus. Mmmmm. That is goood stuff.


It sure turned the color of the water. Kinda gross looking,  but knowing what it was, I was ok.


I was looking forward to this. I was pretty stoked to find the current issue of True Lies Runners World in the mail today, so I was set!


My first impressions of the bath revolved around the smell. It was fantastic. Simply, It relaxed me right away. Once in the tub, I noticed a bunch of floatie bits in the tub, so that has to be a good thing right? It means it’s made with good products, right? right?

Anyway. I spent about a 1/2 hour in there, and once I was done, I was feeling very calm, relaxed and rejuvenated. It’s pretty hard for me to tell you what it did for my skin, as it is supposed to remove toxins etc, but I am pretty sure it is going to take quite a few more baths to even make a dent in my Toxin count. I can say, it was nice. It was really nice. I am affected my aromas, and if they are nice aromas, the whole experience is a win.

Now, after all that, do you WANT SOME?

I have new and unopened tin for a lucky reader! Yeah! Barefoot Venus sent me a bunch of stuff to try, as well as this sexy fancy tin!


You can click these pics to see the tin descriptions better.

IMG_8267 IMG_8268 

This contest is open to Canada and A-merca. If you are from elsewhere, you are more than welcome to enter, you will be responsible for the shipping if you win tho (pre-paid by paypal to me). This contest will close on Nov 28th.

Ok, here are the entry qualification requirements.

  1. Follow Neil’s Blog. You hafta do this one.  Tell me in comments that you do, or you did. +1 Entry
  2. Tell a friend (who doesn’t already follow Neil’s Blog) to Follow Neil’s Blog and enter this contest. If that friend (is it REALLY your friend?) follows Neil’s blog then comments that they now follow and YOU told them to come here, they get +1 Entry, but YOU get +3 Entries!! Get it? good.
  3. Go shopping at Barefoot Venus and tell me what tickles your fancy? +1 entry
  4. Follow Me on Facebook and/or Twitter +1 Entry for each, separate comment for each
  5. Follow Barefoot Venus on Facebook , +1 Entry
  6. What movie do you ALWAYS cry when watching +1 Entry (mine is Mr Hollands Opus, right at the end)
  7. Advertise this contest on your twitter, Facebook, blog, +1 entry each…

Good Luck!

My GU-stmas stocking contest is still open until the 22nd, and I am getting ready to post the poll to see who wins the Inspirational Poster contest.


  1. You're sucha girl....

  2. I follow you, does that sound creepy? And I think that list has some great things to like :)

  3. Haha! Can't stand smelling other people or just people at Walmart? If it's just the second, I don't think anyone would say you're a bad person. ;)

  4. Following your blog ... but I'm not liking my mug anymore ... gotta figure out how to change my pic.

  5. Follow you on facebook ... you're just way too cool.

  6. I always cry when watching "Karol, The Man Who Became Pope" Some are tears of sadness and some are tears of joy.

  7. All my friends that ever would already followed you for the Gu contest.

    Always, always, ALWAYS cry at the end of Beaches. Always think I won't this time, too.

  8. I'm not a big fan of food scented stuff, so would go for the Lilly Pilly lotion.

  9. posted this on my blog sidebar. You do a lot of contests, btw. I like that about you!

  10. posted the contest on twitter @shebajc

  11. I love baths! And the lady on the tin looks just like me! Ha. I follow your blog.

  12. And I sob like a baby when I watch My Girl with Macauley Culkin.

  13. I really liked those pics.

    I already follow your blog

  14. I can't think of a film that *always* makes me cry. I've cried at several, but I'm not one to watch a film over and over.

  15. i am a subscriber/follower of this here blog.

  16. i stalk...ummm...errrr...follow you on twitter.

  17. i like the Ginger SOS cream. mmmmm. ginger. reminds me of Gilligan's Island...

  18. i very often cry during "Blackhawk Down". i know one of the medics who was there, and had the honour of working with him on a few occasions after he returned from Somalia.

  19. that last comment was supposed to say that i ALWAYS cry during that movie. Always.

    i will be posting the contest on twitter and FB, and my blog if I get a chance today....

    happy trails!

  20. 1) I follow you on this blog...even when you waste time getting a luxurious bath all set up, and spend only the amount of time it takes to brush your teeth. 30 minutes, sheesh...come on!

    2) AND I always cry when I see the movie, The Green Mile. Although saying "Always" is stretching it since I've only seen it once!

    3) Do I get brownie points because I also hold my breath when people walk by? AND if they cough or sneeze I run backwards :)

    I want that Mustard Bath REEEAL bad! I need to get rid of some toxins since I went to Walmart today.

  21. I always cry when watching up. The first 5 minutes gets me every time.

  22. Ok I have my fingers crossed for this one.

    Barefoot paul

  23. I cry at the end of terminator 2 when Arnold gives the thumbs up.

  24. Sigh. I dream of having a bathtub again someday. Don't enter me in the contest, just know that I'm super jealous.

  25. FINALLY!1! A Mustard Bath Tin I can fap to!1!

    O Baby! And I'd already be in the bath, so that's convenient, even if a bit disgusting.

    So you're the Runner to whose world Runner's World is dedicated? Because that singular possessive they CONTINUE to use implies there is only one.

    Who knew it was you?

    I'll never fap to Runner's World again.

  26. On the barefoot venus website, the ginger and nutmeg soak looks amazing!

  27. Ok the movie crying thing...I don't cry because it is a movie and NOT real...saying that some Bad movies have almost made me cry for being so BAD. Thin Red Line and the Romeo and Juliet with Claire Danes...shudder...they almost make me weep just hinking about them!

  28. I'd love to try the Foot Therapy set. You know why...

  29. I cry at everything. (which weirds my friends out, cause, well, I'm kinda tough;) The movie the Notebook had me bawling the whole time.

  30. So what is it about people at Walmart? Do they smell differently than people at Target? Do you have Target in Canada?
    That Barefoot Venus would look totally funny in shoes. I don't think bare feet are her best feature.

  31. I just watched The Lakehouse. It was a tear jerker

  32. That is one HOT tin. I'm turned on just looking at it.

  33. I totally follow with all the other cool kids.

  34. cry . . . most anything.

    But esp, GLADIATOR & Love Happens

  35. I LUST AFTER the nutmeg and sugar scrub

  36. ummmmm.....I rarely watch movies more than once....but

    many years ago (as a child?!) I watched "A league of their own" and cried when the girl couldnt read