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Friday, November 5, 2010

Funny Photo… just happens to be on a Friday.

Ever seen anybody take their birds for a walk? I have. now. sorry about blurry. It’s the best I could do as I turned around in the truck to get the picture. I ended up driving a couple miles out of my way to get this photo. I had seen her as we drove by to go get my Dad this aft, then was hoping I’d still see her when we came out. She was there, but I had to turn the opposite way that I was planning. See what I do for you, internet?

A fully modified jogging stroller, redesigned to carry 2 bird cages on nice neighbourhood walks. The lady is even tricked out in full technical apparel and birding running shoes!


Right now it is early still on Friday Night. Tomorrow by this time I will have just finished my first 5 miler. I am really looking forward to hammering out a great effort. 42-43 minutes would be a solid goal for me. There is a significant hill for a half mile at the 2 mile mark but my plan is to maintain cadence and effort and let the pace lie where it may. Good news is the turnaround is at the top of the hill, and you get to come back down it! The plan will remain intact, maintain cadence and effort! hopefully that means I’ll be flying down the hill!

It’s pretty funny. ever since I’ve left the running room (can I say left?) I have found the most amazing races. Ones that mean an incredible amount to the RD’s as well as the racers. The RR races never felt like that. They seemed forced. These independent races are always hard to get into, selling out WAY before race day, and for good reason.

Case in point. I went to the package pickup yesterday at the North location of the Tech Shop and, well…, picked up my race pack. I chatted with the people there and obviously the topic came up about the amazing weather we are having. I told the one guy that I was really stoked because I am going to run it barefoot. Without so much of a ‘hmmm, interesting’, he tells me that I should try to get onto the new path that was just built next to the road, as it’s smooth, AND they made sure to sweep the entire length of it for us racers. That was pretty cool. (I did hear other people mumbling barefoot-crazy-nutjob comments), but this guy (turns out to be the RD) is just being helpful, no matter what kind of shoes I’m going to run in!

That’s it for tonight. I am going to sleep. We are at my Sisters Condo in Canmore. Here is a picture out the balcony door… uhuh… yep. Canmore is just 15 minutes from Banff. So it’ll be easy peasy getting to the race tomorrow night.


And, just to make you even MORE jealous. Here is some mountains in the Banff area.


Thot some of you may like this one, so if you click it, it will bebiggen. This was taken just this Sept. (any guesses what lake this is? Its a very famous lake.)

IMG_7009 IMG_7011


  1. Nice toes, & amazing views! Looks like you are being quite entertained as you are entertaining the blogosphere. LOVE the bird walker. Who does that?!? LOL!

  2. Ugh, I think I might have to stop visiting your blog. The pics of the Rockies make me really miss "home". Next time I come up for a visit, I may need to have you show me where the best places are to run - I didn't start running until I moved South.

  3. Green with envy, that's what I am! No planned mountain trips for me in the near future though.
    Have a wonderful run and take tons of pictures so I can at least enjoy the mountains virtually.

  4. Lake Loulou! Haha...there's that Vibram again :)
    I will visit that end of my on my list...jealous! :)

  5. So, you found someone who walks her bird. I have a friend who on very warm summer days takes his iguana for a walk, leash and everything! Now that is quite the sight! No running gear or stroller for him though.

    Love the chateau and the walk up to the tea house!

  6. as Liz Lemon would say "I want to go to there!"

  7. That pic is amazing! She's walking her birds? I'm totally flabbergasted and gobsmacked.

    *heaves a heavy sigh* Ooooh my those pictures are just beautiful.

    Have fun in your race! =)

  8. Why would you take birds for a walk? Seriously nuts is what I'm thinking.