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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Reader Mail… and DW’s store! Shop now!


Jamoosh said...

Shouldn't that be Barefoot Kilometage and VFF Kilometage?

A: Probably.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Tommy Tutone, "867-5309/ Jenny" to be all completist about it. Don't know why you left off the "artist" for that one.

A: I just copied them as they were commented. I’m lazy. Sue me.

Quinton J said...

Vanilla Gingerbread GU? What the? How much? I need that stuff.

A: Thanks for the Questions Quinton. They are $2.35 each +gst. Free shipping on orders over $50.00, we also have Mandarin Orange and Tri-berry, among other GU’s. Orders will be processed through my DW’s company Let me know what you need and we’ll put the order together and send you an invoice Via PayPal. for your requests.


Vanilla Gingerbread GU Gel $2.35
Mandarin Orange GU Gel $2.35
Tri-Berry Gu Gel $2.35
Strawberry Gu Chomps $3.35
Blueberry/Pom GU Brew $2.25
LemonLime GU Brew $2.25
Orange Pineapple Recovery Brew $4.00
SpiBelt Original with Race # toggles $22.00
Ryders Sunglasses with soft case $39.99
BondiBand Headband $8.00
Athlete Christmas  Gift Pak, includes:
- Ryders Eyewear
- SpiBelt with race toggles
- BondiBand
- Vanilla Gingerbread GU Gel
- Mandarin Orange GU Gel
- All Things Jill Sore Muscle Rub
- Decorative Xmas packaging
- Shipping inc
All Things Jill Outdoor Trek Pak
- 130ml Bug Joose!
- 130ml After Sunny Spray
- 40g Green Thumb Hand Salve
- 40g Ouch Balm
- Ulitmate Lip Balm
- Bug Tea Light Candle




The SpiBelt is amazing. See all the stuff that fits? And being it expands and doesn’t have any extra space, means it doesn’t bounce around on the run. I know I use it on all my runs now.

 IMG_7801IMG_7803 IMG_7804 IMG_7805

Ryders ROCK, we have a couple styles in stock, email for availability.


Here is our BondiBand Selection.


Seriously, who wouldn’t want this for a Xmas gift. AND it’s not just for the runner in your family. It’s an ALL sports pak!


I have been using these products, and LOVE them. They are a local company


Ewa said...

I am looking forward to your new photo 'assignment'. I was beginning to worry you might run our of photos.

A: I have almost 30,000 photos, probably of which 10,000 are of high quality status, usable for this here blog. Plus I am constantly shooting new material, such as this photo from this afternoon. What is so great about this photo you ask? Well I’ll tell you. There was a squirrel and a cat that were playing tag around a telephone pole down the block as I was pumping gas. Dad was sitting in the truck and alerted me to the fun game. The squirrel was having it’s way with the cat, by hiding on the opposite side of the post, and peeking out at the cat. The cat would sort of lunge forward, and the squirrel would hide again. For a little bit they just sat on each side of their post, waiting. 3 feet away was a raven, just sitting and watching everything.

I wasn’t in time to catch the game, but I was able to snap a picture of the squirrel darting past the cat and presumably to safety across the alley.


Can you see it? right in the middle. Here, I’ll blow it up for you.


The cat got played…

I also snapped this shot today as we were leaving a trade show downtown. I just liked the composition with the very clear blue sky and the striking buildings.


AND, just to show you one of a ‘cool’ series I took last winter. Do you like it? You can’t see it, but just across the river is part of our summer Wednesday running path loop we do our technical runs on! This is the real color of the day… no effects except a bit of brightening and sharpening.



  1. I love my Spibelt. It was so useful while I was marathon training carrying everything except the kitchen sink and really comfy to wear.

  2. Love the winter picture. Here's an idea - same picture - all four seasons. I'd go for that!

  3. I love the picture of the cat and the squirrel. The squirrel looks a lot like the drawing I won from Barefoot Josh.

  4. Great pics once again. Cool business you've started...good luck with that! Next running gift, I'll make sure to come check it out.

  5. My two cats would love to play with a squirrel. Sierra (the smaller female) would be chasing it and Sylvester (big male sibling) would be hiding.
    Got myself a pair of white Ryders and love them. Hope they don't scratch as easily as my old Natives did.

  6. I’m lazy. Sue me.

    Fine. I just filed suit against you for Gross Misappropriation of Blog Comments (mine), Laziness (yours), and Hurtage of The Group Tommy Tutone's Feelings at the Alberta High Court & Steakhouse. (Motto: "No shirt ... no shoes ... no justice.")

    O, you are SO screwed, BAREFOOT Neil! Hahahaha! I LURVE Kanadian justice!

    But Kanadian steak?


  7. Beautiful winter shot, reminds me of what we are in store for over the nex tseveral months.

  8. I want them all! intrigued by the tastes of the Vanilla Gingerbread GU Gel =)

  9. LOVE that last one!! I love snow!!!

  10. haha... lovethat picture of the cat and squirrel lol

  11. That last one is beautiful - but oh my makes me shiver. Brrrrr.

    These days whenever I wear a belt I get a stitch. =( Such a pain in the patella. Anyone else have this problem?