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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Here’s the plan…

A challenge. to me. from me.

First I have an announcement to make.

I will train for and run the Red Deer Marathon on May 22, 2011. It will be my first.

Ok, now for the challenge. The challenge starts with a 240 and ends with a 215. pounds. 25 pounds. off. me. of. fat. by the marathon.

Here is the plan to beat the challenge: I will report, weekly, to you, how much I have lost or gained, what decisions I made during the week that affected my progress. I will also provide a short snapshot of my week ahead so I know what I am up against and need to look out for.

I will report here and you are encouraged to post in comments, your updates! Additionally, I invite you to email me your personal challenge, that I will post in my weekly update.

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Do you want to be a part of it? Comment or email me at . Here is my first update: (I am sure they will become more detailed as I figure stuff out)

  • I am 240lbs
  • I have a tough work week ahead of me, stress and professional challenges will provide the biggest hurdles.
  • I will avoid my late night nacho chip treat
  • I will run on Monday, Wednesday and Sunday in preparation for the Last Chance Half on Nov 14th.
  • I will have a healthy bowl of cereal or Multigrain toasted PB-j for breakfast.
  • Suppers will be sensible, with healthy veggies, lean protein and tasty carbs.
  • I will spend 1 morning at the gym cross training on the bike or rower and working on core strength.

Until next week.


  1. Great goal and a great plan to get there. You can do it!

  2. Under a pound a week? Definitely doable! And are you doing the marathon barefoot? Can't wait to hear your training details!

  3. Good luck Neil. I will be rooting for you and I know you will reach your goal.
    (Trash those chips. Not having them at home is the key. Trust me, I know)

  4. Nice challenge...posting your dinners would be a good I can get some inspiration as chicken, salad and sweet potatoes are getting old FAST....

  5. That is awesome; good for you! I highly suggest meal prep as much as possible. The work week will get crazy, try to plan ahead as much as you can. Good luck, now go squash this thing!

  6. I can't wait to follow this journey!

  7. I am thinking about a plan, but not sure I'm up to it yet. I know a next step is to reduce my weight. As much as I love proving that overweight people can get strong enough to bear their weight and move lightly and freely, it's not like it's the best option, and it is enough of a challenge to realize things could be better at a lighter weight. I know that at some point I've got to consciously adjust things and reduce my weight.

    I'm 243 pounds and maybe this might be a good time to start -- Imagine how much better it will feel to barefoot run next spring with less extra poundage to lug along!!!

  8. Good luck with both goals! I've had good success with calorie-counting (I use LoseIt! on my ipod). I can't believe Chris K isn't involved in this challenge.

  9. Good luck! You're going to be great! I just issued a different kind of challenge on my own blog. Wheeeee! Must be that time of year. Anything to keep me going in the snow and cold.

  10. Woohoo, a MARATHON! That is huge!!! I'm excited for you - what a great goal. :)

    Good luck with the weight loss - you've got a good plan. Just know that apparently most people don't tend to lose much weight when training for a marathon (or a half marathon, as I'm discovering). But hey, anything coming off will be great, right?

  11. Hey, I met you at the Halloween Howl, my name is Kate...This is an awesome goal. And I too want to train for and run a marathon in the spring. Not sure which one though. For sure the hypothermic half in calgary. I want to run a 1/2 marathon and a full marathon before I have another baby. My goal. Good luck to us both?

  12. Lose weight? What? Tired of being Ukrainian?

    Hahahahaha! That joke never gets old because it's not funny!

    Seriously, good luck, brother. You'll add years to your life, and since you have a little boy, you obviously want to be around to see every amazing thing he does.

  13. Good luck! Why did you choose the Red Deer marathon over the Calgary, or the Vancouver?

  14. Great Challenge ... my personal challenge is to lose 2-3 lbs a week - I currently weigh 258 ... down from 290 from when I started running.

  15. Good goal. I am currently on the salad and tootsie pop diet. I eat salads for lunch and a healthy dinner and if I need a sweet it's a tootsie pop. So far down 4 lbs. Want to shave off about 5 more.

    My husband use to be around 200ish lbs and is now around 180 and swears it has made him faster. Good luck.

  16. great goals you got there! Best of luck! you've got this! =)

  17. Go Neil Go!

    See you at the last chance. Lets hope for good BFR weather.