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Friday, October 1, 2010

It’s 10pm, 9.5 hrs till the gun.

The Harvest Half will start at 7:30. At about 9:36 I'll be able to tell if my barefootery has been worth it, or if I’ve just been fooling myself.

My goal for this race is to have a fun and interesting report to tell tomorrow evening here on BATCKADi.

Special Congrats goes to Happy Dan for bashing his goal time by 11 seconds! Way to run the fine line HD.

image Dan is modeling one of the famous Cool Kids Run Club Tech Shirts!

Here is his 29:49 5k race report from the Ambulance Chasers Charity Run .

Race report
I ran
I thought I was dying
It was no fun running by myself
I finished 11 seconds under my goal time.
This was the best organized race I have even been in. For those of us who hadn't picked up our race packages, they were available. The big treat was a white ambulance chasers hat just when i needed a new one. I was able to purchase a tasteful long sleeved technical shirt that I will actually wear again. The girls from lululemon got everyone warmed up. The race started right on time. The route was clearly marked. For a small race there seemed to be many volunteers along the course. When we were done there was plenty of food available. The race was friday evening instead of early in the morning. And I can check the web page tomorrow to see if I won anything. It was awesome and I would recommend this race for anyone.
Happy Dan

If you have a race report to share, I am happy to post it here!

Don’t forget to register for the 2010 *10-10* Virtual Race if you haven’t already. Go over there and ogle the prize table. It’s getting good!

AND I have $65.00 to give away, that you can win just by following this here blog.

Now, GO TO BED!!!

Photos of the day! This is the project from last year that we are submitting to the Alberta Landscape Awards this year! pretty nice hey? Designed and built by me and my Dad! These pics were taken yesterday. Summer has finally arrived!

IMG_7226 IMG_7232  IMG_7213 IMG_7168 IMG_7186 IMG_7218


  1. I wish you and your dad worked near us! You can probably tell from the shape of my yard in the video I posted on my blog that we are in need of some serious work and these pictures are so beautiful and inspiring it makes me want to get moving and get something done.

  2. Nice pics as always. I think you should have your own shown on HGTV Canada. It would be called, "Crazy Barefoot Neil's Lanscaping Extraganza". Sorry, I can't write alot now, I have my big 1K virtual race to run tomorrow. Do I get to compensate for being hungover?

  3. OK, you and your dad are hired. Love what your yard.