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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Gords! and Other S#!t Thursday

I drove up to Gord’s Running Store today to pick up my GU sample pack that the fine folks at GU sent me and I got talking to Gord about a bunch of stuff. One pretty significant item that I found out was the fact that he is now a Vibram dealer. His first shipment sold out in 3 weeks and he is waiting for his next one that should arrive any day! Yay! my Favourite running store now carries my favourite minimalist shoe! He is setting a pair of size 45 mens Bikilas aside for me when they come in. I can’t wait! I will buy either those or the KSO treks for the winter. Stoked!

Gord also was so kind as to give me a prize for the 2010 *10-10* Virtual Race. This is a pretty cool item. it’s a brand new running product called the ‘RunCuf’ It fits over your wrist and has pockets for all the stuff you need to carry! No belt required! Gord will have these in stock in various colors and sizes shortly!


Another thing I was wondering, and I had a chance to ask Gord was, “Why do you advertise in an international magazine like Runners World, when you are local independent store?” He replied that he has many people from out of town, that look up his store when travelling to Calgary and attending local races, because they saw his Ad in RW. Good idea. Gord will also ship anything you are looking for, to wherever you want!

Back to the GU. The GU Canada people were are super nice and sent me a sample pack of all their goodness. I will have a hard time deciding what to run with on Saturday, but that is a really good problem to have isn’t it. Once I go through all the different GU’s, I’ll have a review of all the flavours and a Canadian only giveaway for a sample pack as shown for a lucky reader!


I sent in a naked photo to Get Out There magazine a while back. 

Get out awesome!

They posted it on their Facebook and asked me for my address as they wanted to send me something. A set of Lebert Stretch Straps showed up a few days later! Man are these things great for stretching! Like having my own ART guy at the house!


I visited the Dinosaur Half and Family 5k Website and they have a promotional video up for the race. Check me out at 0:40! and my foot at 0:43! He said I was going to be in the video! And there I am! Cool!

That’s it for now! Goodnight!


  1. Your feet are famous! :)
    Love the photo...gorgeous!

  2. That photo is amazing!!
    I like the treks and have not tried the Bikilas yet but have heard great things about them.

  3. Again- loving the photos.
    Leaving in 5 for my 50. I'm doing the damn 100 neil! You're awesome.

  4. I loved how you wiggled your toes for the camera! I really think I'd like that run cuff thing. I haven't figured out how to take my phone with me on the go and that kind of frightens me and really limits where I can go here in scary South Dakota. Since I assume that I'd be way too tired to run away from any would-be attacker. Ha!

  5. Gordon is and will always be the best running dude in Calgary. Shop local.
    Great video, made me want to register for next year. Remind me to get your autograph now before you are too famous. One more sleep to the Harvest Half.

  6. I admire how you connect to EVERYBODY.

  7. Awesome that Gord is VFF dealer! I just had my parents send me some from REI when they were traveling south of the border. I got Treksports, so I will see how those do!

    Man, that is a good photo. Like none other. That's one heck of a photograph. Man, you should win prizes for that.

  8. Sweet... Must be great getting the free swag!!!!

  9. Just watched the 6th sence for the umpteen time, the kid says " I like to run' it makes me feel good!"
    Well your photo makes me want to run right into that forest! AWESOME!!!

  10. i like that photo!

    and that video is cool... mainly cuz your in it! :)

  11. Lorne: I love the photo. I would love the Hi Res version even better!

  12. I thought I sent you the hi res version. LEt me try again.

  13. I could do with some GU! Even if it's just for us Canadians I have a feeling the competition will be stiff...