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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sept 11th.

I remember hearing it on the radio as I drove to work. A plane has hit the World Trade center in New York. Then like so many others I watched live in disbelief as the 2nd plane hit.

We are a Canadian and American, we are connected across borders and I remember feeling a great deal of loss as these events unfolded live on TV. Traci’s parents live less than an hours drive away from the crash site in Pennsylvania. This horrific event feels very close to us, and I sure many people feel the same way.

Today I think of what is most important to me. Here is my family. Traci, Andrew, Nan, Poppop, BIL Dean and my sister Nicole. I think of Traci’s family, Granny, Pappy, SIL Mandy, Traci’s brother Chuck and Andrew’s only cousin Charlie. I count my blessing as many do today!



  1. yes, family has become more of my 'center' since that day. my actually family has changed since then, too. (divorced, remarried). i was in the VT Army National Guard, and as such was remotely involved in all things since then. narrowly missed going to Iraq. Lost a few buddies who went, and now my BIL is in one of the 'stans', due home before Christmas. Today I participated in a 10k Rememberance 'road march' (which i'll blog about tomorrow). it was surreal to see my friends' names on the Memorial's wall.
    Hug your family, everyone. TELL them that you Love them, not just show them.

  2. Nice Neal. I once heard someone say that the secret to being happy is being grateful.

  3. Nice post Neil. And wow your parents look young.