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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Get a Road ID…

… and let your loved ones have some peace of mind when you train and race!

Hey Everyone,

I just ordered one of the best products ever. It's called a Road ID - perhaps you've heard of it. If you haven't, go to their website and check it out. Road ID is a great product that could save your life someday. I got a ankle Road ID for me (I can use it to attach timing chips too), and wrist ones for Andrew and Traci. Can you imagine what an investment of less than $20.00 would be if Andrew got lost and his Road ID reunited us! Wow… They also shipped all 3 items for $1.49. what a deal for the peace of mind.

When I ordered, they gave me a coupon that I could pass along to my friends. Here's the coupon number:

Coupon Number: ThanksNeil833733

The coupon is good for $1 off any Road ID order placed by 10/07/2010. To order, simply go to by clicking the logo over on the left.

If you prefer, you can call them at 800-345-6335.

You can thank me later,

Barefoot Neil Z

Oh by the way, their website is awesome, the customer service is outstanding, and the owners are very smart and good looking.

* They made me say all that above, but I agree with most of it!*

And here is the next instalment of Awesome Photo of the Day! It the harbour in Victoria, British Columbia. I took it out the 9th floor window of our room in the Fairmont Empress Hotel. Oct 2007. This is unaltered in any way, just a longer exposure using the nightime auto setting on my new (back then) Canon XTI.



  1. It's a good buy for lots of piece of mind. I take blood thinners and having it clearly stated on a yellow wrist band makes all of my family feel much better when I set out for a run.
    (It could also be useful for apres race beverages when you forget your phone number)

  2. That's a great idea to get the road id for your son! I have one already and love it. You never know what can happen. Love the picture!

  3. I've got one, and it goes on for every outdoor workout. Mine is the bright yellow, but I wish they had plaid, I'd have got that instead.

  4. Always exciting when Glaven is around!

  5. Love your pics Neil. I suck. I keep meaning to get a Road ID, but always flake and never do. Maybe one of your Followers will buy one for me.