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Thursday, September 2, 2010

This Cupcake game of Tag…

… seems harmless enough! Thanks to my bloggy buddies Anne and Angie for tagging me. While it seems more of a girly thing to do (open up about stuff and stuff), I’ll play along.

Here is what we are playing for. E-cupcakes!

Is this blog really beautiful? and what is the extra, do you think?

Now, how should I play? Do I be funny and act my shoe size age? Maybe get some laughs? or Do I play it dude style and say i regret nothing. end of story. leave me alone. I don’t want to talk about it anymore. Or do I say what my big regret is and make myself out to be a strong and confidant woman man and I have nothing to hide.

I find, the most amazing thing about these blogs are; that people will talk about stuff on here to veritable strangers, things that they would NEVER talk about with their closest RL friends. I guess the journaling aspect of this e-life can be cathartic and emotional without the emotional outbursts and bumbling and fumbling that go along with a real conversation. The fact that we will spill our emoti-guts pretty much equally here, makes this o-community a very close knit group. How many bloggers have you met in real life? Was it weird? I can’t really say anything because I met my wife online 15ish years ago (DOS based black screen chat room, 10 user max at a time, 9600 baud dial-up, $1.00 per hour ($400.00 monthly bills) for said 9600 baud, before the internet was a creepy and scary place to meet people).

OK, The game goes like this. (I just had to use spellcheck for the word goes. Yep, I had it gose (and it looked ok to me. huh.))

#1 Answer this question: If you had the chance to go back and change one thing in your life, would you and what would it be?
#2 The second thing you have to do is, pick 6 people and give them this award. You then have to inform the person that they have gotten this award.
#3 The third and final thing is, thank the person who gave you the award

Ok, I’ll keep number 1 very simple. I wouldn’t drink alcohol. Alcohol kept me out of a high level of Hockey (I played goal), Alcohol kept me out of Post Secondary School, Alcohol cost me an inordinate amount of my money over the years. Alcohol almost cost me my relationship with my father (we are super good now, in the absence of alcohol). That’s it.

#2 My blogo-peeps that get to do this because I said so…

Barefoot Josh: My barefoot yoda

Anthony: The reason my blog has been verging on popular (I followed him into a Marathon of Blogging at the start of July that got me into expansion mode)

Barefoot Fresca: Because she is barefoot’n the right way, slow and patient and has a very thoughtful blog.

Lindsay: Type 1 diabetes, very fast and inspirational, just started following her, she could use some blog love!

Glaven: Just because I am very curious to see what he does with this award! (Warning, click through at your own risk, 18+ rated blog (language, implied and stated imagery) Funny as Sh*t tho… (it is a beautiful blog, because under all the rough blogsterior, he is a super family guy and cares deeply for his family and his fellow and fellher bloggers, ironically inspirational!, and runs pretty fast for an old dude)

Keith: The hardest working guy in training and blogging. He just finished ironman Canada! Awesome!

#3, Thanks to Angie and Anne! I was watching this go around and around the blogosphere and was getting a bit depressed that I wasn’t getting picked. Then BAM, no one left in line that wasn’t already picked… and then all of a sudden I am on TWO teams! Take that Harry Konotopsky in 3rd grade when you stole my Halloween Candy… and in 4th grade when you stole my Halloween Candy again… in the same back alley… right behind my house… and the rest of my friends wouldn’t share their candy… even my sister. Can I change my mind on my regret?


  1. cool - about the alcohol

    black screen chat room? - aren't you the guy that promised me $240 in Crappy Tire money for a 100 Megabyte hard drive to host Trade Wars 3000 on it?

    I'll check out your six picks - least I can do.

    No Candy for you - 1 year!

  2. Of course you got're one of the cool kids run :)

    Thanks for being real and playing along.

  3. Overcoming alcohol challenge made you a stronger person, I am sure.

  4. Your blog is so purdy. :) It DID need some pink.
    And meeting bloggers in real life isn't so kind of feel like you know a little bit about them right away.

  5. That Josh guy seems a little weird on his blog, but I met him in real life and he is REALLY weird.

    Thanks for the cupcake. I try to avoid these chain-letter like things, but since you asked so nicely...

  6. I will have to work on it. Oh, and thank you. Stay tuned.

  7. Wait. Didn't I comment on this already? I swear I did. But okay.

    See, with the alcohol thing, at least you learned and stopped. So some good came out of it, ultimately, and I think sometimes going through an ordeal first makes you appreciate "normal" more, once you manage to get there.

    So congratulations!