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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Be selfish.

Take the time to run. or workout, or whatever makes you happy and healthy. I know in families that have a non-runner spouse, there is a lot of tension over how much time gets spent by the runner, well…. running. Note to non-running spouses: would you rather we be the sickly fat people we used to be, who had a hard time helping in our families and our day to day activities? Or do you appreciate the energy we inject into our relationships and the amazing friendships we bring into our lives?

I remember the person I used to be, and I wasn’t a fan. The old me was tired and lazy, with no drive or ambition. Today’s me is one that can take on more load, and even in uncertain times in our economy and the issues facing us in the world around us, I am still a good person.

This note is most certainly NOT directed to my the Loves of my Life, Traci and Andrew, as they are my biggest fans and support me 100% in my running. I couldn’t do this without the unwavering support they give me.

I just hear and read stuff about runners being underappreciated and berated for the time taken for running.

So, on your run today or tomorrow: Remember that there is nothing you can do about any of the problems or issues back at the house or office. Remember that you are running to create a better version of you, so you can be a better person to the ones around you (just by default). Remember that you chose this, and it’s up to you to get the most out of it (whether that be speed, fitness, fun, alone time, music time, etc). Remember that you can walk too. It’s not a crime to stop and remind yourself to breathe and to look around. Stop on a run in the next few days and open your eyes to your surroundings, you’ll be amazed at what you can see around you, and you’ll find it empowering to take that moment, as it has no strings attached like the start or end of a run do.

Running is more than just breaking a sweat and getting skinny. It’s about you. Whatever it is that you get out of it, its the right thing.

Don’t apologize. Celebrate instead.

The road ahead is long, but who among us don’t have the time to get there? And why shouldn’t we enjoy the journey? really.


That’s all.


  1. Amazing as always!

    I love that "me" time. For my BF and me, our "me" time is sacred. We don't ask each other to not run or cycle because we both know it's good for us physically and mentally.

  2. Neil I do support your running 100% and I'm your biggest fan - I'm touched that I am the love of your life as well!

    Great post and a good "thought fading into the horizon picture".

    Running is about defeating death for one day, one hour or one sprint! It will win one day, but that's it - only once. You win so many more! :D

  3. I am so lucky to have a family that never stands in the way of my dreams. Or maybe they want me out of the house because they know that without working out a good sweat I can turn into a Monster. :)

  4. Opala: that was a little too easy for you, wasn't it?

  5. Sometimes I'm grateful I'm still single and have no one to answer to.

  6. Thank you for a great post with a great reminder. I often get caught up in feeling 'guilty' about going for a run when there are chores to do at the house or other things that 'require' my attention. I lose sight of the fact that after I run (or when I run regularly), I am often better able to do my chores, am less grumpy, am more tolerant, etc, etc. I think that I have blogged about the guilt part a few times. Nothing like beating a dead horse, eh?
    Once again, thanks for the timely post.