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Monday, September 20, 2010

Feeling good…

… and that is a bad thing for the Brains side of the battle. Well, my tender feet are history after one night of tip-toeing around. That can’t be a good thing for my on-going battle between smart and reckless.

oh well.

Not much for tonight except for the pictures of an amazing stir fry I made on Saturday Night. Keys to the awesomeness are Fresh Garlic, Green Onions and Chilli Peppers in with the Pork, then using Fish Sauce and Soya Sauce to flavour the veggies. Put it all together and YUM! This was served over a bed of rice noodles.


The weather is turning around as we speak. after tonight’s snow, we are in for a real treat!



Sweet. going to be positively HOT!

We will be doing some of this I am sure!


Oh, and for those who don’t check back to the Virtual Race Page, here is the growing list of awesome entrants! Check out the mileage commitment from Joanne at the bottom… hooweeee.

  • 33 Weeks pregnant Zoe is in for 1k
  • Anne signed up for 10k
  • Heisenberg will run 10k
  • Andrew O wants to run 10k with bacon fat
  • OMgosh EMZ is going to do 100?
  • Adam N is going to do 100k in a Tutu
  • That’s right, Lorne said he is doing 100miles
  • Adrienne is going to run 62.138 miles
  • Smart bloggy runner Alanna will do 100k
  • Kotoula01 is running 10k x 2 :)
  • Chris K is in for a click. because I made him do it.
  • Look out Gene is running a 100 miles!
  • What? Kelly is going to run a 10k AND a 10mile? wow.
  • After an internal debate, Zaneta is IN! 10k for her!
  • Susan W is ready for multiples of 10k! It’s a cool new event just added to the race!
  • Kovas will complete the 1k and hopes to beat a recovering Chris K
  • Darlene is running two 5k’s. for you mercans that equals 10k. or 6.2138 miles.
  • Marc U thinks this is a great idea, and is in for 100miles. Also check out the really cool Training Log site he uses!
  • Sweet! My Mom is in for 10 miles (16.09344kms)! Go Nan!!! This is a challenge to all other Grandmas!! Get out there! (You can walk the miles too!)
  • OrangeBlossom is going to run the first 10miles of her half for us! Nice!
  • Jamoosh is in.. no wait… Yep! yep, he’s in!
  • Kate’s in for a mile, probably more, but for sure a mile!
  • Shelley is going to do 10 miles, and if she dies, I'm supposed to give her prize to bossy Kate above.
  • My New BFF Joanne is going to run the 100 mile distance three times and the 10 mile distance 5 times for a total of 350 miles. She wonders if that’s allowed? Yes. Love it! wow.
  • Barefoot Fresca is just Bragging now. She running her mile as part of the First Annual New York barefoot Run. I’m pretty jealous.
  • Staci says: I'm in for 100km made up as a combination of trail runs and short and long training runs. (Cool bit of the day? Staci is from South Africa!)
  • Ok, so Silly Girl Running, will complete 10k! And she is from , wait for it… The Netherlands!
  • HappyDan is running… er…. I’m not actually sure what he is running.
  • WalksLikeFox is doing a couple 5ks for a 10k! Woot! AND she’s from England!
  • I am Counting Barefoot Angie Bee in!!

    1. Dear BFNZ
      Ummm, did you say it was going to be hot there? Hmmm, just wondering what you think hot is.
      Your friend in Phoenix,

      Wow, I really said I was going to run that much? What was I smokin? I guess I better get on that :)

    2. Commenter Adrienne from Phoenix writes:

      just wondering what you think hot is.

      Well Adrienne from Phoenix, I guess if you are from Phoenix, you can STOP rubbing the FACT that you are from PHOENIX in our frozen FACES. HOW`S that for HOT!!!!

      Thanks again for your comments, don`t forget to tip your waitress.

      Your caring host,


    3. This stir fry looks awesome. Where do you get good fish sauce?
      Goah, now I am hungry and it is still way before sunrise. :)

    4. I don't eat fish in any way (makes me sick), but that stir fry looks great!

    5. Hey, here's a tip for you, since I noticed there was broccoli in your stir fry ...

      When you make your own stir fry, you don't have to add broccoli! That's right! It's up to you and COMPLETELY in your control.

      I figure you must not've known this because why else would you have put broccoli in there?

      My word verification word is dysidial. Is there an option I don't know of that automatically makes a blog's word verification words sesquipedalians? Because around here they always are.

    6. Ewa: I 2 store bought Fish Sauce int he fridge, I took the stronger of the 2 and watered it down a bit, seemed to make it more resaraunt style.

      Kovas: it can be made just as tasty with a good Hoisein Sauce.

      Glaven: I know right? Broccoli? The recipe called for it, so I didn't want to mess with that. And for the word verification, I am in shock you would make such allegations.

    7. I get Shelley's prize if she dies? Awesome! Well. I don't want her to die, but still. And I totally read the directions wrong. I'm training for a 10K. I didn't realize I could add up all my miles inbetween now and then. Hmmm... I may have to rethink my position.

      That stir fry looks awesome!

    8. Yum

      Love all the people who have signed up. I get 50 crossed off at once at my October 2nd 50 miler so . . . . I'm really hoping it didn't all have to be at once. Or I now look like a complete ass. Wait, I did THAT last Saturday.

    9. Woohoo! You posted my challenge in blue! Now everyone will know how awesome I am!

      I also found adding purple cabbage to a stirfry to be quite tantalizing and colourful.

    10. Hey you also linked me on the side! Love it!

    11. Lorne, not to burst your bubble, but the blue is a followed link. Click on someone else and they turn blue too! You are very special to me though!

    12. Dang yo. I thought I was awesome there for a minute. Back to my humbleness I suppose... However, I refuse to click on anyone else as my bubble does not need bursting and I remain to the fact that I am indeed awesome.

    13. First, glad your feet are already doing better :) ...but yeah, that wasn'T the best idea...that guy at the conference I went to mentioned that when our feet get cold (when running barefoot) it changes our running form because we lose feeling in the foot and can lead to be careful! :) Glad the weather will be working in your favor this week.

      That looks good...mmmmmmm

      That's a lot of us doing your virtual race. When I can finally run again...I hope to raise my mileage too :)