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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I am injured…

… and it’s only because of my own stupidity, laziness and arrogance.

Apparently I tweaked my hamstring, thus starting a chain reaction in my right leg and hip that culminated in my SI Joint being tugged out of place. For those who have never had this, it is SEARING pain from the mid back down to the back of the knee, often resulting in the inability to walk for periods of time until you can relax enough to take a step. Once relaxed and moving, it is sort of ok. Static - bad and painful. Moving - good and less painful.


I was fully at my least fit about 7 years ago when this first happened to me. I swung a bat playing softball and that was it. I had my first chiro appointment the next day and have been in love with chiropractors ever since. I actually needed to crawl out of our car, hoist myself up by the bumper and do a leg drag hobble into the doctors office that day. Even before he did all the assessment, he had me on the table and in a few cracks he had me upright again.

What he said back then, was it was a combination of 3 things. Fat, weak core, and sitting on my wallet for the last 10 years. That’s right. The imbalance in my hips from sitting on a 3/4” higher back pocket had created a muscle memory that eventually was going to cause this issue. Now I am very mad at myself right now for being back in this position. Why are you so mad Neil? Well… I’ll tell you.

  • I am stupid. I gave up my cross training, and quit watching my diet like I had up to last winter.
  • Laziness. Have not worked my core or stretched much at all in the last couple months.
  • Arrogance, I was fine. I was feeling good and running strong. Everything must be good. f*%k.

Core work solves this issue, by the way. It stabilizes everything and keep the SI from rotating out of alignment,


I signed up for the HardCORE club over at Jamoosh’s place, and I can’t help but think if I had started it when it started, that I could have avoided this mess.

This back issue F*&ks up most things in my life. Running, working, sleeping… etc…. Not to mention the $45.00 a day for chiro for the next week or so… This injury makes almost everything I do in my ordinary day seem impossible and agonizing. Anyone had this? Ever try to put socks on with a pinched Sciatic nerve? hooowee.

** This started last Sunday morning while I was cleaning out the pantry. I did run the race on Monday in my ‘condition’. Funny thing; No pain while on the run. Lots of pain standing/sitting and waiting around.

I get so mad at my ever evolving arrogance and stupidity. If I wasn’t so vain I’d smash myself in the face right now.

***insert all the swearwords here and punch a hole in wall***

This is it. This is the end of all of it. I am, from this day, eating right and cross training. I am going to lose the 40lbs, I am going to focus on my core and I will NEVER be this fucking crippled again. Mark this day down in your calendar. Sept 8, 2010.


  1. I am loving your motivation but a hint from someone who is really great at starting things. Seriously I am stellar, a rock star at jumping into things. If however I don't have a solid plan and have a schedule I will loose the motivation a few weeks down the road and just be going from one emotional I hate myself I will never do it again injury to the next and never see lasting results.

    Over the last year I have been consistent and have lost the weight slow and steady. But I am anal about it and have a plan. The plan keeps me from needing to keep track of things in my head. Its on the computer so I can't really waiver or fudge the numbers either ;)

    I highly recommend using one of the food/calorie tracking sites like Livestrongs Daily Plate or the like. It will keep you accountable and be able to look back and tweak your diet.

    You can do this!!! Use that motivation to get a solid plan in place. Heres to a fast recovery!

    I am totally needing to do core work myself. I fell out of practice and I am going to regret it if I don't. I have an umbilical hernia from having 4 babies that if I am not careful could be a real problem and thats not mentioning the running related injuries I could get.

  2. I have known the agony that sciatica. Go to physical therapy. Find a tiny little woman with an aussie or kiwi accent, and tell them what you've done to yourself and that you want them to hurt you. It will feel so good and you'll be walking again before you know it.

  3. I am sorry you are injured. When you're very excited about running, an injury is so upsetting. Please go easy on yourself though as far as blame, calling yourself names, and punishment. We're all human and we're constantly learning.

  4. Sorry to hear this, brother. But you're right - you gotta stay on these things all the time. I know it's not sciatica, but I've had tendinitis in both knees and a dislocated shoulder and I do exercises for each of those injuries every day. The one knee was over two years ago, the second over a year ago, but the second knee problem happened when I stopped taking care of the first one.

    So learn from my mistakes and stay on top of these things from now on.

  5. oh no!! im so sorry you are hurt! :( thats crappy! i wish you the speediest recovery and the best of luck in all your cross training and such!

  6. that's crappy you're hurt - I actually stopped going to DCs about 8 years ago because the appointments were just to get me to the next appointment. I went to an Osteopath for two appointments and she told me she didn't want to see me anymore and gave me a bunch of exercises to do. I have had no back pain since.

    Obviously different problem than you have, but there is hope. Maybe a second opinion.

  7. Noooooooo! Well, you know that I feel your pain. I have to say, you are beating yourself up pretty hard. Use this as the motivation to make those changes you want. This too shall pass. I know!