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Saturday, September 25, 2010

What is this Facebook thing?

I set up a Barefoot Neil Z facebook account. Like me! down on the left, way down there.

I may have too much stuff going on in the interwebs.

So whatya think? too much? I am considering Twitter. funny enough Twitter scares me.

Fun fact for the day. In Oct 1995 I was the first person in Saskatchewan on the internet, I paid $1 per hour for a 14.4 connection. The first thing I did online was look up naked pictures of Teri Hatcher. 2 months later I started a website where I would come home from the bar and journal what happened that night. Boy did we laugh the next morning afternoon. I have more typos in my blogs now than I did when I blogged drunk. The second place I found online was a chat room.

I met my wife in Alamak Chat in Feb 1996, and were married in June 1997. The Chat room had a DOS based entry screen and a maximum of 10 users at a time chatting. After 20 minutes of chatting, you would get punted off so others could enjoy the massive lags in the text based black chat screen. And if anyone called the apartment, I’d get bunted offline. Don’t call me.

Here is my run for tomorrow. I love this run, the scenery is incredible, at the 10k mark is an expansive view of Fish Creek Park from the high point of our run. Photos tomorrow evening.



  1. Love the chat/blog history. Good old days.
    Can one 'like you' without a facebook account? I ditched my account facebook some months and now it seems I am the only person on this planet who does not have one.

  2. If you want more people to know about your blog then you probably should twitter and all that too. I had a FB fan page for my Avocational Singer blog and a twitter account, but then I had this weird blog crisis (which I wrote about on the blog) and shut down my blog for a couple of months and killed those two accounts. But it was fun while I was doing it. My "fans" were a little disappointed when I shut down the twitter and the FB.

    At any rate I'm happy you made the FB page and I already liked it!

  3. I do not have a facebook account, and am not planning on getting one. The view from 10 K is great. Did they ever re-open Sikome? I laugh at the people playing in the water about the 2K mark.

  4. That is a lot! Unbelievable how far technology has come...Twitter scares me too :)

  5. I have my blog and visit my favs like crazy barefoot Neil. I spend about 10 minutes per WEEK on Facebook and Twitter. That's it. Seriously. I am of the opinion that Facebook and Twitter will not exist in 5 years. Just a hunch. I thought Canadians lived simple lives. Guess not.

  6. I'm on Twitter and you do get some hits on your site, but it's all in the timing, because it's a timeline that is refreshed once others post stuff, so the stuff you posted know is off the readers screen in about 4 minutes and he never sees it. Facebook is similar.

    I think Twitter should be used sparingly, and only when you figure out when your followers post and read stuff on it. I think sending Direct Messages to followers might be the best way.

  7. BTW - I had a BBS in 94 with Tradewares2000 on it ... and I changed the rules to you had to get more points to raise in rank, and I had irate people find my apartment and threaten me that they were close to advancing and I screwed everything up!