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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I am a Cliche’…

The conversation with the sports reporter didn’t go quite like this but it didn’t turn out too bad.

Neil Zeller had a real feel for the course in running the Sheep River Road Race for the first time.

He ran the 5km route in bare feet.

“I always had injuries when I ran, sore knees that kind of thing and then I read Born To Run and that inspired me to run barefoot,” Zeller said. “I haven’t had any injuries since.”

He’s also taken a load of his feet. Zeller credits running for helping to cut his weight from 300 pounds to his present 230 pounds.

This blurb was part of the article in the Western Wheel newspaper, regarding the Sheep River Road Race I ran on Monday morning.

He asked me if I was part of the ‘Barefoot Craze’, I said, ‘well, I'm running barefoot’. “Why are you doing this?” he asked next. I told him I had dealt with some running injuries and had read about barefoot running, and decided to give it a try, and that I really liked it.

He then goes “I am reading Born to Run right now, have you read it?”, “Yes, I read it” was my answer. And so he took that and decided that it was because of the book that I decided to run barefoot. It wasn’t tho. The reason I decided to try barefoot running is because of all the reading I did over at Barefoot Josh. It was also my second time running the race… but whatever. The theme of the article is ‘firsts’ so, maybe if he knew that it was my second time there, I wouldn’t have made the story.

Also, thanks to all my awesome readers/ mentors. Your support is paramount to my quick change in attitude when I get down on myself. I am generally a pretty happy fellow and I am motivated to stay that way by your positive vibes!

ANNE! Here is the photo of my feet from the race (she asked in comments). Hope this helps… hehe.


AND, for all the positivity received from all y’all, here are some more awesome photos to enjoy! If these don’t get you into a Zen state of mind, I don’t know what will!

IMG_2844 IMG_2695 IMG_2783


  1. Still no photo of me with the two hotties. Whoops, that didn't come out quite right. I'm sure it's because the moustashe in all it's glory fried the camera innards.

  2. Well, better a cliché than a parody, right?

    The hawties Keef refers to had to be cardboard cutouts, right? How else would he be with them?

  3. It was the strangest thing. This giant moustache and 2 young chickys walk into Tim Hortons the other night. I'll get the picture up soon!

  4. "second time there" ... doh!

    I love number 73! Is that the tai chi position - turtle clasp - or the yoga position - buddha scratch?