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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Golf, Race pack pickup and the green camera… LOTs of pics!

We have been off work for 2 full weeks waiting for the rain and freeze to quit and the sun finally comes out today, and do we go to work? nope. We go golfing. Our Advocate association had a tournament and we got asked to go by one of our vendors, so how could we not?


I picked up Dad at 7:15 and made the pleasant 40 minute drive across town to the course. If you look at W of West in the Glenmore sign and go down from there to the tree tops. The moon. It was very neat to watch it go down as the sun came up. Did YOU see that this morning?


We had a 40 minute frost delay to start, so there was lots of lies amongst landscapers told in that time. That’s my Daddy-o on the Patio, on the right.


The golf was amazing, it was a texas scramble, so no pressure or frustrations, just good fun. The scenery and wildlife was really cool too!

Here is Downtown Calgary and the Olympic Ski Jump to the right=center, top of hill. from the 88 Olympics. Remember Eddie the Eagle?


Our starting hole. 200 yd par 3.


Vendor sponsored trail mix hole. yum.


Super awesome weasel.




View with cart in foreground.


View with reflection in lake.


View with Tee box


View with golfers


Awesome baby deer.


Remember when this happened? it was a 4 iron.


Well, it happened again. Never in my golf history have I plugged a ball on the green. This year I play 2 rounds total and it happens on both! This was a pitching wedge.


My Teammates were great, we were able to pull out a 5th place out of 12 teams.


On our way home we stopped by the Tech Shop to pick up my Race pack for the Harvest Half on Oct 2nd. Nice long sleeve tech shirt and a great pack. It actually has pills! Immunity FX. From the makers of Cold FX, they now have Immunity FX! a 3 weeks supply! Cool fact. I received my Ankle Road ID and it just so happens I need it for the race as they use a D-tag for timing. I’ll be a super cool barefooter now!


And finally, I had fun comments on my cool green camera that I carry when i run.

It’s a Fuji Z33WP. It is waterproof, shockproof, dustproof, sweatproof, and just about anything else proof. I take all my IN RACE photos and videos with this camera and it seems to fit the bill very well for me. The shutter button is the only one on the top of the camera, so I kinda just have to get close and it’ll shoot. The video button is on the bottom right at the back and it only take one push to start filming. Very good for ‘On the run’ stuff like you have seen in my bloggo!


My first love, though, is my 2008 model Canon XTi. I have taken over 30,000 photos with this camera in 2 years, including all the ones of the golf above.


I have a 10 mile run on tap for Sunday, otherwise it’s all work this weekend trying to get caught up with our projects. Here’s a nice completed project from earlier this year.



  1. Gorgeous golf course! It's good to have a shockproof waterproof camera and I'm happy for it every time I drop ours on a rock or into a stream.

  2. so how could we not?

    Uh ... because it's golf? Geez, I'm a geezer and I don't even play golf.

    Shuffleboard is where it's at. It's what all the cool geezers are playing.

  3. Texas scramble? I'm a golfer and don't know that intrigued...
    Great pics!

  4. Wow! amazing photos! I love that camera. The clarity is awesome.

    And whenever your in town feel free to come do that project at my house. Beautiful!!!

  5. You are a man of many talents, writing, photography, carpentry...
    That tiny camera is really cute.