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Friday, July 30, 2010

Golf in my 5’s and a Contest Winner!

So I did something I never thought I would do. Something that is so far out of my comfort zone, out of the pocket, really. I just went for it.

I golfed in my Vff KSO’s today. You see, that is so far away from myself, because I am a “proper’ snob. I need it to be the right way, or don’t do it. I have a pair of Black and White Soft Spike Foot Joy golf shoes, in traditional Saddle Shoe design, that I would be lost without on the course. I have seen guys out there in Teva type golf sandles and thought, you are NUTS! Blasphemy! How dare you insult the game that way. HEY YOU! Yeah you, the guy without the collared shirt! Get off the course you infidel! I am different now. Barefoot’n has changed me. I am zen in minimalist shoes.

Anyway. Barefootness has softened me. And I have to say… golfing in the 5’s was … awesome. I mean …like… wow. I could feel the ground, it helped on the greens as I could feel the softness, the slope of the greens and I think it caused me to swing easier (which, everyone says you should do) as I didn’t have the spikes to anchor me to the ground.

It was my first round of the year, and it started out early, but not too early… Here is my Dad, digging around his bag getting me some tees. He is my tee pimp.


Nanton Golf Course is probably my 2nd Favourite Golf Course in Alberta. Good rates, small town friendly and an incredibly well maintained and challenging golf course.


Kurtis – I’m not sure you can count that high.


So, on the 11th hole, I hit a shot from 180 yards out. It was a 4 iron that was tracking to the center of the green. It hit the green and JUST STOPPED. no hop. no roll. put the VCR on pause, it just stopped! We all kind of looked at each other. Man did that look freaky weird! Here it is on the green. before I pulled it out of the hole I asked the guys, ‘do you think it’ll make a sound when I pull it out? Hey Titleist? how about a running sponsorship? hehe.


Golfing with my Vibrams…I shot my best round in a few years! I shot 81, 3 over on the back nine alone!! *WoOt*IMG_6045 IMG_6046

So I had my first contest! It went well. Someone is going to win a very nice shirt. Who will it be?

Congrats to: Barefoot Angie B! Thanks for playing! Her husband is an MMA fighter! How frickin cool is that?

image image

email me nzeller at shaw dot ca with your particulars so I can send you your shirt. S-M-L-XL, they do size on the small side.

For +1 entry I asked you for your favourite blogger who wasn’t me, here are the terrific results.

Definitely have a good look at each of these. I enjoyed reading all of them! I especially love Krupickas blog, so.much.running.

Stay tuned for some news on my sponsorships and another giveaway! For the CANADIAN followers of this blog too!! WooT! My pet peeve from most of the blontests by the Mercan bloggers I follow, is I can’t enter cause I’m north of the medicine line. My complaints have been heard and we look to take care of our own! So if you know some Canooks who want a chance at some good stuff, then send’em over here!

And running sponsors, Jump on the train! it’s about to leave the station!!! WoooOOOOWOOOOooooOOOOOT!


  1. You are not going to believe this, Neil, but in my youth I was a Barefoot Golfer! I was the junior club champ at our country club, and I was very vain and did not want to get a funny tan (white feet) so I always golfed in my bare feet. (I've since heard that the pesticides on the golf course are very bad, but I didn't realize that back then.)

    I have been meaning to write about it on my blog because it was very improper of me to golf barefoot at our country club, but I can't help but remember that I am going back to my barefoot roots. IOW, there was an inclination to barefoot very early in my days.

  2. This just totally made my day :) Thanks so much for the giveaway!
    I am off to email you now!
    I am enjoying my VFF KSO Treks and think that any time I am on my feet for a while and need more protection than my beloved flip flops, the Treks are an awesome choice!