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Monday, July 26, 2010

9k VFF/Barefoot…

Ran 9k on Sunday morning. Out for 4.5k in VFFs, and 4.5k back barefoot. I feel so unreal good when I am out running. I am suffering a bit today. Just general soreness in my lower legs. Muscles that haven’t been used in a LONG time. My stupidity yesterday is I wore the VFFs to a family outing at a heritage village park, and walked around on them for 5 hours. I should have flipped over to my Birkenstocks for the afternoon, I know I would be feeling sooo much better today. Resting these naked dogs is very important these days. The 3 days in a row last week was quite a test too, but I passed with minimal discomfort.

Running in the VFFs yesterday, I was worried about the blister I got from them on my first longish run in them. No issue. In fact all the blisters I got at the start of Bf-ing have since healed and there are no new ones to report. sweet. Issue though, the seam on the top of my left big toe in the VFF has split open. Do I just sew it myself or call in the 1 year warranty?


  • Barefoot mileage since June 29th : 50.2km *WooT*
  • VFF mileage since July 7th : 11.8km
  • Shoe mileage since SOBF (start of barefoot): 5km (25:30 5k race PR on July 1st)

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  1. Keep it up! And watch that technique! I went to Heritage Park as well a few weeks ago in my VFFs. Loved it! Now the no shoes policy can never apply again! Muahahahaha!

  2. First, loved that videa on a recent poste about barefoot running!

    Second, I am definitely loving the barefoot running, but I too went a little too far yesterday, felt a mild pull in the left achilles. Stopped and put my shoes on, but it's a tad sore this morning (nothing major though). I see the PT this afternoon, hope I can run barefoot without's always so tempting to keep going. Sigh...gotta learn to be patient with this transition. I'm aiming for light trainers for now :)

  3. *video* and *post* sheesh, not awake yet :)

  4. Theres a technique? Man, wish someone would have told me sooner. I thought it was "Just RUN dude!"

    Anne! I love your blog! I am always envious of people who actually have patience and wisdom. I have neither and tend to be sore all the time. Yikes! Annes blog is and it proves how dumb I can be with my running. She listens to what her body tells her, and I, well, I guess I have a little selective hearing...

  5. I have not tried the Vibram customer service. I bought mine through REI which has the BEST return policy and customer service.
    If all else fails put the suckers up on blocks and get out the Shoe Goo.
    Now that my pair of Sprints are slowly declining I am busily thinking through different solutions. Just bought those non-stick pads they sell for dress shoes. Figure they might work on my Vibrams instead of my duct tape solution.

  6. The retail store I bought them from got back to me already, and said to bring'em in! Super, sounds like it'll get looked after.