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Friday, July 2, 2010

My first 5k…

High River Canada Day Run. Gawd that was hard work. (sidenote: I ran it shod). I was 2k in to the run and I was already wanting it done. I think in longer runs you have more time to decide if you are going to kick it into a higher gear, or settle for an easier pace. Today I was running scared! I had no idea what to expect, except I knew it was going to be hard based on what I figured I should be able to do. I have ran 3k at 5min/km as a pb in training, so i figured, let’s go all out and attempt a 5k at the same pace. Almost did it too. 6 seconds per/km off goal… too bad.

I set my Garmin to show 4 info fields.

  1. Time
  2. distance
  3. current pace
  4. average pace

The average pace is the one you want to watch if you are attempting a set goal time. You’ll know what you are supposed to maintain but if your average pace is at or above your set goal, then you better keep your current pace below the average that is showing. If not, you end up running out of race course to get it back. Once you get over, it is SOOOO hard to get it back under, especially in a short race. I had been following an older guy for most of the race and he just kept plugging away, not giving up a second, so I made him my goal. I pulled along side him with 1k to go, we ran stride for stride for 800m, gently increasing the pace (testosterone, obviously) to see who was going to give, and with 150m left I said ‘POUNd it!’ old guy and I sprinted away from him. I wasn’t going to be chicked by a 50-59 age grouper dude.

25:30 was my time. I am pretty happy. I now have all my benchmarks for shod running. (honestly, I could give 2 hoots about the marathon distance.)

  • 25:30 -5k
  • 55:30 -10k
  • 1:26:00 -15k (I ran the first 15k of my last half in less, but is probably why I sucked out for the 21.1time)
  • 1:58:32 -21.1k

I will give myself 2 years to at least match these times as a barefoot runner. I do have winter to think about, and what to do about running barefoot and what minimalist shoes I should think about, and the ‘setback’ it will cause. I am personally thinking about Mukluks.

Now if this sets off a trend of mercan bf’ers using Mukluks to carry on their bf running in colder climates, I would like stake my claim to the idea. I started the trend. me. If you need some, I will sell you some. see me.

Ps. I am pretty sure I won the Clydesdale division today. everyone ahead of me were skinny twerps.


  1. Effin' Skinny Twerps!

    Congrats on the PR, Speedy!

    (I call you "Speedy" because I heard you were addicted to meth.)

  2. G: Yes, because why else would would you call me speedy? (I think ur just ticked off coz I disparaged your age bracket)

    OB: from me, I take my teeth out and gum them (off a live cariboo) into the form you see in the picture. Takes about 3 months and costs $44,000.00. (seriously, I am going to try to find a wholesaler, maybe Brooks will do something)