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Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Contest!

Contest: *WOoT* I am giving away a Zorrel Technical Running Shirt, Emblazoned with the coolest logo in Running. You can be a Cool Kid! Follow my blog, +1 entry (make sure and post in comments that you do or do now!), Post on your blog, +1 entry (make sure and post in comments that you did, with a link). Tell me in comments who your favorite blogger is (who isn’t me), +1 Entry. Contest deadline is July 30th, the winner will be announced on July 31st! Good Luck! Sizes available are S-M-L-XL.


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  1. I find that many times I look for someone to provide something that is needed and it never happens and I end up having to do it myself. Much as I would like someone else to start a running group I think I am going to bite the bullet and just get one going.
    Nice job taking the initiative!
    I like that shirt :)
    I am a follower and a virtual Cool Kid!

  2. I posted a link to my blogs sidebar about this contest!

  3. I have many many favorite bloggers. Right now I am loving Anton Kupricka's blog Riding the Wind.

  4. following for a while now, as a Virtual Cool Kid.

  5. As for favourite blogger, I would have to say Thad, over at he always has good advice, interesting interviews, and he was one of the first bloggers i started to follow when i started running again.

  6. very nicely done... too bad you're not in Cochrane else I would join you.

  7. That is pretty cool shirt.

    I think my favorite right now is:

    She is not your stereotypical barefoot runner. It's great reading about her rediscovering the joys of running, with no concern about speed.

  8. I'm enjoying this one:

  9. @ Josh, I read this on your suggest blog:

    The Misconception: When your emotions run high, people can look at you and tell what you are thinking and feeling.

    The Truth: Your subjective experience is not observable, and you overestimate how much you telegraph your inner thoughts and emotions.

    I am totally on board with that! I will go back and read some more... Makes me nervous to read it, as he seems like hes in my head just reading that tiny bit...hehe. Thanks!

  10. Thanks for the contest, I enjoy following your blog.

  11. Favorite blogger? I really like Donald over at Running and Rambling.

  12. I like Tall Mom on the Run - even though I'm really short