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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mile 26.2, yep it’s the end.

I am pretty spent. I will be happy to go back to present day blogging. There may be a tale or two regaled from the past, but for the most part, I will talk about the now… man.

So, I told my running story and the story of my banning from the running room store. Did you enjoy it? did it make you cringe? Were you nervous, tense? Did you laugh ever? If you weren’t along for the ride, you can see the whole story at The Other Blog. You will need to ask me to see it, but I won’t say no, so ask! I did learn some stuff on this crazy month long journey.

  • People follow daily bloggers, I knew that though


  • I found out that readership is highest in the middle of the week, runners are out racing or drinking on the weekend, right?


  • I found out that readers love conflict


  • I found out that if you link it, they will follow!


So I have crossed the finish line of this blog Marathon, along with Anthony, who finished just about a whole day ahead of me, which would happen in real life running too. Thanks for bringing me along AC. So now what?

I think I will talk lots about the following stuff:

  • Barefoot Running (obviously, will be a big part of this blog)
  • Stuff about the club
  • My quest for utter and total sponsorship domination
  • Races! I Love Racing!
  • Police Takedowns
  • I will steal stuff from other peoples blogs and post it here if I am short on time.

I won’t revisit any of the stuff that I puked onto these pages over the last 26 days. No point. Time to move on and to try and create a little cool and interesting piece of the internets. I may or may not blog daily. If I blog daily, I will. If I don’t, I won’t. huh?

I have my first 10k Barefoot race coming up on Aug 8. Sounds like fun don’t it?

Thanks for following along. If you want some REALLY good odds to win something,  tomorrow is the deadline for the contest for a ‘Cool Kids’ technical shirt and as always running product makers, Please sponsor me!

Thanks! I have a super amount of fun doing this, and having my followers, followeds, commenters, lurkers and stalkers makes it all worthwhile!


  1. It's a temptation after a marathon to obsess about what could have gone differently, but there's probably no point. It's best just to say, "well that was that! What's next?"

  2. Great job! Your marathon had lots of drama which makes for good reading. Can wait for the 10K barefoot race report and some more police takedowns.

  3. Hey man, great blog, love the frugal barefoot! I am really intrigued by barefoot running. I havent really tried it yet (like 500 meters so far!)
    Heres my blog on running!