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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mile 23, Ok we have a club, now what?

Plan a race! yeah, because there is not enough shit going on in our lives. Thank god for my wife. More on that in a mile or 2.

I just planned some runs, and people came! The club had started. Sure there were planned runs that I would sit and wait, and no one would show up. So I would go home and carry on with my day.

If you schedule it, they will run.

I did, and they did! Thanks team! I don’t take the time in this blog enough for the following: Thank you to my darling wife Traci for being my everything support and my biggest fan! She puts up with all this non-bacon-making BS that I tend to get myself wrapped up in, and she is the wonder bra to my sometimes sagging emotional bosom. Thanks babe!

Oh, Obviously I had this blog for a while, and I called it “cool kids’ for short and that just stood out as the obvious name. We tried on some others for size:

  • Banned, a run club for criminals
  • South Calgary Runners: we’re not North
  • Running Porch
  • Rocket Science Runners: It’s just running
  • Dog Gone it, People Like me (running)
  • What the Eff did I do to get here
  • Caring too much on the run.
  • Eff it, just run. Club.

So was born. There is also the Facebook Page and the Newsletters. Yeah I got nothin’ but time on my hands now. So now you know why I NEED the sponsors! Come on people, I can help you sell your merch! Running product makers, Sponsor me!

Don’t forget the contest. These shirts kind of rock, super soft and ridiculously cool!

Oh, perspective moment of the day. Our little guy just turned 3 on Saturday. What an amazing ride that’s been! That’s Right, those are FOL Tighty Whities! He is fully potty trained! SHaZAM!! *wOOt*



  1. He is a sweetie. And look at the size of that present in the background! Wish I was 3.

  2. I think your running club should also become a VFF dealer... there's a lucrative business there.

  3. He looks so cute in this picture! Congrats to him on his 3rd birthday. I had to bribe mine with superhero undies to convince him that "all the cool kids were doing it" (using the potty, that is)

  4. VC: There were multiple presents that size. yeesh.

    Lorne: I would do it in a second! Lets do it!

    AS: He just decided one day that he was done with diapers. Lucky us. I'm gonna start smoking with all the extra money were saving now.